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Spotty teenager

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Fififi Wed 21-Oct-09 09:40:35

I'm new here so forgive me if there's already been a thread about this...

My older daughter is 18 and is still plagued with spots. She is very adept at covering them with make up and so looks fine when out with makeup and all dolled up. She does remove her make up at night and then the spots are there in all their glory to see. I know she squeezes them too, though she just shrugs and rolls her eyes when i suggest that doing so is not helping.

Her younger brother quite happily went to the GP ( and on to a dermatologist because he had a mole needing watching)about his spots at my suggestion and now takes some antibiotics which seem to keep his skin looking fine. Youngest daughter isn't troubled yet by more than the odd blackhead.

But older daughter, always fiercely independent, refuses to go to the GP - i really can't be bothered, mum" "I don't care about my spots" ( but I'm sure she does - why else all the make up and the cloud of blonde curly hair framing her face and she did go along to the GP when she was 15 or so but didn't presevere with the creams/pills) can I persuade her to go again? Should I book the appointment and march her along there? Try to get a dermatologist in place of a GP? That seems a bit interfering for a young adult? But maybe she wants me to take control because she's a bit embarrassed? Should I enlist one of her friends help? Buy some OTC product for her?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

ADifferentMe Wed 21-Oct-09 11:06:01

Are they hormone related? Evening primrose oil helped me a lot.

Dianette contraceptive pill was fantastic.

Oxysept cream very good but drying.

I finally got over my acne at 40! Very confidence sapping so you'll have to tread carefully. If she's anything like my eldest, you'll be wrong whatever you say wink.

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