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HPV again sorry does anyone know if dd is unwell should she still have it?

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mamas12 Thu 08-Oct-09 22:26:35

DD has been off school today with swollen glands and she might go in tomorrow if she is better. But I am confused because when they were little the advice was always if unwell don't have the jabs.
Does this apply with HPV??

smoking2shoes Fri 09-Oct-09 07:54:07

if it helps, I spoke to the school nurse(dd goes to sn school) as dd was having an op 3 days before hers was due, she said no she shouldn't have it that week, so I would say no she shouldn't have it.

Divvy Fri 09-Oct-09 08:02:04

I wouldnt as my 15 yo had it on Tuesday and its made her feel a little rough. So ontop of feeling unwell I wouldnt.

mamas12 Sat 10-Oct-09 00:18:46

Oh crap.
Well after leaving a message on the number they gave me (which turned out to be the other nurses number) and with the school and telling dd to tell them, I had a call about 2pm saying just replying to your phone call THEY'VE HAD THEM (very defensive nurse)
Told her yes I realise that, I was concerned about being ill and having jabs. She them told me that the nurses on duty would be asking the girls questions anyway so if she says anything and they look at her then she may not have it.
But yes , you guessed it, she had it, even though she told them about bieng ill.
Really must send her on an assertiveness course, I really must.
She said they were all treated like cattle, one, one out bish bash bosh jabs done.
She has a sore arma and pain in her back but and is ok and sleeping now so we'll see how she is in the morning.
Wonder what would happen if she didn't have any more?

Divvy Sat 10-Oct-09 06:59:40

That arm will be alot sorer(sp) today! Which in my dd case was made worse by boys punching them on the arm after hmm twats angry (If they didnt carry the virus the girls wouldnt need to be vaccinated!)

I would complain, as she did tell them she felt ill, and its not for 13? yo to be assertive in that sort of situation.

IF they are vaccinating girls that are feeling ill, and this turns out to be agaisnt current guidelines then it needs to be sorted!

BUT if she was at school, maybe they thought she wasnt very ill, and was ok to go ahead with it?

mamas12 Sat 10-Oct-09 15:48:06

Thanks divvy I agree about the twatty behaviour from those boys. Wait until it's their turn.
Yes she is 15 so they prob thought that if she is in school she is well enough. But I have an ex who doesn't believe in illnesses and keeps telling us that you can't be off school you'll miss too much!

Her arm is sore though how long does that last?

Divvy Sat 10-Oct-09 16:18:45

Hers was still sore on Friday so 3 days + I would say. She also has chills as do alot of other girls, and quite a few have been off since they had the jab. Dont know if that is the jab or a bug going around though?

mamas12 Sat 10-Oct-09 16:51:23

Thanks well as she started with the chills on Monday we'll have to wait and see. hey ho.

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