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university expenses

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neva Wed 30-Sep-09 20:22:46

leaving aside accommodation, how much does a student need to live on per week - food, transport, clothing, day-to-day expenses? I would like to include something to enable dd to pay for books, field trips etc herself, rather than asking me for extra every time something comes up...Difficult as I have no idea what these things will cost...


DLI Wed 30-Sep-09 21:01:25

when i was at uni my residence was not far away so i walked to and from uni. my book were anywhere between £15 and £40 but they gave me a list at the beginning of the year or term on what books i needed. i lived with people who were on the same course so we shared the cost. i budgetted £3 a day for my lunch and spent about £25 a week buying food for "home" - breakfast and evening meals. my parents gave me £25 a week and i got a part time job which paid about £50 a week and i managed to survive on that.

StewieGriffinsMom Wed 30-Sep-09 21:13:54

Message withdrawn

mumeeee Wed 30-Sep-09 23:03:47

We pay for DD2's accomadation and she has a tution loan for her fes. Everything else she has to pay for fron her student maintenance loan which is around which is £4,999 for the year and it is paid in 3 installments ( she is in London so gets London Waiting). But saying that I did buy her some cooking utensils,crockery.toiletries and some food before she went. I aslo gave her £20 for her first food shop. I also bought some books she needed for her course which came to about £30 and DH bought her an internet cable when we got to halls as we forgot to put one in.She also hhad around £3oo in the bank which she had saved.
As I have said we won't be giving her any more money as we want her to learn to budget. All bills including the internet are included in her rent. So she just needs money for food,any stuff for her course,clothes( although she actually doesn't need anymore) and going out so her loan should be enough. She doesn't need any money for travel to uni as her halls are next door to the campus.But she is looking for a part time job. Sorry for such a long post

mumeeee Wed 30-Sep-09 23:12:17

Oh there is a student librairy where she can boorow some of the books she needs. DD1's books cost a lot more than DD2's she was doing a zoology degree and the books that were recommended to her cost £150 she found in the end that she only used one of them. But is now finding them useful for her PGCE.

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