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teen dd wants to quit 6th form because of bad AS grades

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mixtures Sun 13-Sep-09 18:46:56

My 17yr old dd left grammar school at 14 due to anxiety issues and was homeschooled by LEA for 2 years at sametime she underwent regular psychotherapist sessions.

GCSE results not bad considering and she went back into a private school sixth form last year. Touch and go for last year but she managed to just about get through it with a few prolonged absences due to anxiety.

AS grades not as good as hoped for - A/C/U so now she has resigned herself that she will not get into Uni and no longer wants to continue with A levels but also has no confidence to try and find a job. We have visited a few Uni opendays and she doesn't feel she would cope with Uni life anyway! She's an only child, has very few friends and no social life.

Am so worried and don't know what to do - any suggestions or stories of others who have experienced similar would be greatly appreciated. thanks

mumblechum Sun 13-Sep-09 19:07:20

I know someone at work who messed up their ASs and has now decided not to go back to college for A levels, instead trying to find a job but unable to even get shelf stacking/mcDs work.

If I were you I'd be trying to get her to resit.

More importantly she sounds as if she really desperately needs to get some more help. You mention psychotherapy for her, as though perhaps it's more deepseated than just anxiety?

Maybe you should be focusing on getting her some useful help in getting over the anxiety because as you say she isn't going to cope at Uni until that happens.

Once she's got her head together she can resit her ASs and then have a crack at Alevels. Maybe then she could go to a Uni not too far from you so she could come home at weekends

mumblechum Sun 13-Sep-09 19:07:47

Sorry, meant someone at work's son.

mixtures Sun 13-Sep-09 20:12:18

thanks mumblechum. She's still seeing a therapist and has seen a psychiatrist - within 5 minutes off first visit he recommended prozac and valium!!! - this scared us both and she is adamant she'll sort herself out without medication. The therapist is very good but results can be shortlived! think I'll try and persuade the resits idea - re Uni; my thoughts too - visited one that's an hour away that she liked, problem being that she doubts she'll get the grades to get in there!thanks for your help and taking the time to reply.

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