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DD has a boyfriend with ADHD.....

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GypsyMoth Mon 24-Aug-09 12:13:23

so what should we expect?

not much of an idea about ADHD anymore. i know this boy takes medication,but its not ritalin. he's a nice young chap. seemingly.

he's 15,but seems a little immature...he smokes (yes,bad,i know) has patches,so trying to give this up. he's been excluded from 2 schools and is now happily settled in a unit for troubled kids. and at college one day a week.

if i see him misbehaving i tell him off,as i do all the other kids who congregate outside. but he is fine and modifys behaviour and apologises. just wondering how this affects teens?

colditz Mon 24-Aug-09 12:15:29

Ummmm, you may find he listnes to the telling off then does exactly the same thing again, without being devious - your telling off didn't register. but teenagers do that anyway. You may find he's a touch immature - but again, that's teenaged boys all over.

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