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16 year old girls having a baby and have no friends because of it

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mariahismyworld Wed 25-May-05 02:16:42

i am a 16 year old that just had a baby girl.she is 2 months and i love her but i didn't relize how much work it is to raise a baby on your own in that fact.the daddy is gone and i need someone to talk to

ghosty Wed 25-May-05 02:59:11

Hello mariah ...
where do you live posting at this time of day?
Are you having help at home ... do you still live with your parents?
It is hard work having a baby ... but it does get easier I promise.
I am often around at this time if you ever want to chat ...
ghosty xxx

fostermum Sun 29-May-05 10:30:02

hiya just seen your thread, yes can be hard my daughter had her son at 17 and she got a shock i think about how much work it takes,where abouts are you?

stitch Sun 29-May-05 10:45:15

hi mariah congratulations on your new baby.
having a baby is hard whatever age you are, and if you are the first in your peer group, then it can be lonely as everyone else is still doing the same stuff, but you have moved on. being a mom canbe a great experience, just different. and for a while at least, you will find that you and your previous friends have very little in common, but you will make new friends. and life with baby does get easier as baby grows

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