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12 year old just threw skateboard through a window in anger

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custard1 Tue 14-Jul-09 20:23:01


I am 29 and just had a phone call from my step Mum to say my 12 year old step sister has gone mental and thrown a skateboard through the bathroom window. let me explain that this is following a long pattern (seeing mental health professional) for a short amount of time, who gave no solutions! The infuriating thing for me is that I live away and I am a case manager at a youth offending service, but I am far too emotionally involved to have a work head on. My little sister has always reacted very dramatically and tried to control all situations, however my step Mum is saying that she cannot cope and I worry about my Dad as he is much older now and it appears to be really affecting the whole family. I have a brother who is 9, who is supposedly devastated and is very upset about the ongoing emotional and behavioural problems that are an every day occurance.

Please, need impartial advise to pass on. I cannot be my usual work personna and am really struggling. Help. I am scared that one of them is going to go nuts and do something silly

mumonthenet Wed 15-Jul-09 23:24:50

Custard, not sure I can help but didn't want this to go unanswered. I think the best you can do is help your stepmum to keep pushing for the best care and treatment possible for your stepsis. This could be one area where your professional expertise could come in useful.

Sounds awful for you and your family. Your brother too will need some support.

You could also try putting this thread in the mental health topics?

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