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Utopia Scout Camp

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Starmummy Sat 04-Jul-09 09:51:24

Does anyone here have a child who is going to/is at this camp at Andalsnes in Norway this week?

Just wondering, after sending my child 3000 miles if anyone else knows much about it?

Dont get me wrong I am happy with the organisation from this end, it just that all the info is in Norwegian (unsurprisingly) and I'd like to know a bit more. After all setting up camp for 6000 children must require certain levels of expertise, almost like seting up refugee camps I would think. It would be great to know what theya re going to do and all that type of stuff. In a really ideal world I would like to know there is somehwere for him to wash hmm.

1Jules1 Fri 10-Jul-09 12:11:56

Hi there

One of my sons is at the camp. We didn't get too much info about it before he left but from looking at the camp website and webcam pics it looks like it is very well organised. I heard from my son yesterday and he's having a fantastic time and making lots of new friends he says the norwegian scouts are a real scream! I hope your son is having a great time too and don't worry if he returns a bit grubby around the ears, that's all part of the fun!

ps The website has info about the daily programmes for the different age groups.

Starmummy Mon 13-Jul-09 14:37:18

Thanks 1Jules1. DS was texting on occasssion but didnt want to lose battery for when DH met him at LHR. He has his 50 nights away badge after this trip so I wasnt so much bothered about him (lol) but interested in what was going on.

We did watch the youtube stuff and the MMS. It looked good and he appears to have had a great time, although his first words were there werent any showers??!?!? Please tell me he washed somehwere between leaving here on 3rd July and arriving last night 12th July at his grandparents? OMG I am passed out from the pong. lol.

DS says they stayed up all night the last night so they could tell everyone about the ladn of the midnight sun ;-)More likely to mess around.

Hope your son enjoyed it as well. I think next year is in Sweden? Why so close? I'm off now to check the correlation between scouts and DoE, that DS will start in September. Apparently there is a crossover now.

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