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she's passed her driving test!!!!

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littlepollyflinders Fri 03-Jul-09 22:30:52

I know there have been other threads on this but now it's happened to me!
DD (17) passed her test today and has gone out driving tonight to see friends.
How will I rest!!??

I know how good it is for her and how excited she is and how much more freedom and independence it will give her but I'm a wreck.


littlepollyflinders Fri 03-Jul-09 22:32:18

<<<lights up another fag and has another glass of wine>>>

smudgethepuppydog Sat 04-Jul-09 09:19:47

I don't know how you rest. DS passed his on Wednesday and I've been like a cat on a hot tin roof every time he goes out in the bloody car. We took him and his GF out for dinner last night to celebrate and it was really wierd to know that the car behind ours was being driven by that baby I gave birth to 17 years ago.

It does get easier though, I don't worry half as much about DD who has been driving for 2 years now.

Katisha Sat 04-Jul-09 10:02:35

I'm dreading this. And DSs are only 9 and 7...

How was last night - when did she roll in?

brimfull Sun 05-Jul-09 00:49:26

I know how you feel.

Dd passed about a month ago.

I am a terrible passenger when she drives which she hates .

I am slowly getting used to her driving but,we are leaving her for a weak with the car shock so have booked pass plus lessons for her before we go.

littlepollyflinders Sun 05-Jul-09 21:22:11

DD starting on Pass Plus this week - an excellent idea although I was a bit alarmed that her instructor wants her to have 3 sessions instead of the mandatory 2.
He clearly wasn't expecting her to pass!

She's doing ok - even offered to take me shopping today then drop me at a BBQ I was going to. So there is a plus side smile
But I don't think I'll ever stop worrying...

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