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Has anyone else got an apathetic adolescent? Is it normal?

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missismac Fri 26-Jun-09 22:04:03

DS is 11, nearly 12, yr7, and is just not interested in anything other than computer games, playstation or wii. He doesn't really go out - well, once a week to scouts, and once to an after school club - he doesn't read, listen to music, play any sport, anything. He doesn't seem interested in planning to meet up with his friends at the weekends, or planning to meet them after school. He doesn't want to go out with us at weekends. All he wants to do is watch TV or sit in front of some kind of screen.
I'm tearing my hair out over this & DH is frustrated & furious in turns. Is this normal?

optimisticmumma Fri 26-Jun-09 23:53:47

Mine is EXACTLY the same. Am I worried? Sort of but he is youngest of three and feel he is exhausted by school he just wants to chill out here. He is v. sociable at school. If he wasn't, I'd be more worried. I think he is just socially lazy atm and the more I take any notice the more it will become a problem.
I'd be interested if there are others of us out there.....

i think it is fairly normal....

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