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Any jobseeking tips for 16 yo dd please?

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janegrey Mon 22-Jun-09 18:28:58

She's finished her GCSEs and wants to find a summer job either FT or PT then continue perhaps one day a week when she goes back to school for A'levels.

She has written up a CV and is in the process of delivering it to local shops etc.

The recession is bound to make it harder, but does anyone have any tips which have worked for your teen or their friends and landed them with a job?

thanks in advance

webwiz Tue 23-Jun-09 10:06:09

DD2 is doing exactly the same with no luck at all. Her friends who have managed to get jobs have got them through knowing someone ie waitressing at a restaurant run by their parents' friends.

There definitely isn't much about at the moment. DD1 is two years older and has a part time job - last summer she did lots of extra shifts but this year she hasn't been offered anything extra yet. There will be more jobs available in September/October when the current crop of sixth formers move onto university. DD2 knows there will be at least one vacancy when her older sister leaves her job!

sendacow Tue 23-Jun-09 14:49:13

volunteer work is always a good way to help out the CV and certainly will be a meaningful activity! Send a cow always welcomes more volunteers on board if that's a help. Very best of luck to her, times are tough right now so I would encourage her to stay positive and not get disheartened if things dont go quite to plan, it will all work out for her in the end i'm sure xxx

BodenGroupie Wed 24-Jun-09 18:02:01

My DD did this earlier in the year and got several offers out of it - one hotel, one shop and one holiday park.

She did a one page CV plus an application letter and delivered it in person looking very respectable wink - think this really helps get you remembered particularly as a lot of employers want someone who can speak to the general public quite comfortably.

Her friends found you just have to persevere. Follow up with a phone call a week later.

Has she tried supermarkets? A lot of them recruit once GCSEs are over. Good luck.

janegrey Thu 25-Jun-09 20:54:20

Many thanks - she's going out (smartly dressed) to deliver more CVs tomorrow.

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