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Help needed - what do teenagers wear?

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janx Fri 12-Jun-09 15:07:20

I normally run workshops for younger children (arts based)...but have been asked to do one for 12-16 olds this weekend - t-shirt printing. I have younger children, so not really up on what is the cool thing to wear - what are your teens into? - thanks

gigglewitch Fri 12-Jun-09 15:11:50

Like you, I haven't got teens yet (thankfully) - but printed t-shirts with fluorescent colours and black designs are really a fave of the ones I teach. Think 1980's and can't go far wrong wink

TheDevilWearsYFronts Fri 12-Jun-09 15:12:49

Do you need to buy the t shirts, or just come up with ideas for the prints?

janx Fri 12-Jun-09 15:20:06

Oh thanks giggle - have got some lovely florescent inks

Devil - I have plain t-shirts - doing a print workshop with them

margotfonteyn Fri 12-Jun-09 17:35:03

'Tighter' fitted T shirts are more fashionable now than great big baggy ones.

smurfgirl Fri 12-Jun-09 17:37:06

For girls vests are always popular.

Ones like this: ntifier=dp%20tee%20shop%20vneck%20strappy

pointydog Fri 12-Jun-09 17:38:35

Have a look around River Island for ideas. They've got some cool teenage stuff.

janx Fri 12-Jun-09 19:31:00

Oh thanks- only found out what age group I was working with today- so not had much chance to do anything as I am at home with my dcs...the river island site is just what I am looking for

gigglewitch Fri 12-Jun-09 19:32:12

river island defo the best (nice one pointy) but New Look pretty cool too wink

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