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German or Spanish??

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redsky Tue 26-Apr-05 19:00:45

dd (12) has to decide tonight whether to learn German or Spanish. She already does French and does very well at it. Most of her friends have opted for Spanish. Her brother has been learning German and loves it and is telling her she should do that as fewer people choose it. Me and dh don't have strong feelings either way. What do you think??

tabitha Tue 26-Apr-05 19:03:55

Spanish is more widely spoken so might be more useful to your dd. Also, because French and Spanish have the same root language (Latin) she might find it easier than doing German which is quite different.
In saying that, I did German at school and University and enjoyed it - didn't find it too difficult either.

popadopalis Tue 26-Apr-05 19:05:32

I did both in school and Spanish is far easier than german but I enjoyed them both. I personally would choose Spanish becuase it's special to me as I used to live in Peru but that's peronal to me I guess!! Spanish may be more useful in the long run but I'm not really sure. Sorry I'm not very helpful really am I?!!

Caligula Tue 26-Apr-05 19:05:57


Spanish is much easier to learn, and she can pick it up at sixth form level and still get to study it at degree level if that's what she wanted. German's much harder to pick up later on.

I had exactly the same dilemma when I was fourteen. I was kind of hoping that kids would be able to study both by now. (I had a friend in Berlin who was Catalan and spoke fluent Catalan, Spanish, French, English and German, and ropey Italian - and she wasn't particularly interested in languages!)

redsky Tue 26-Apr-05 23:41:44

So its Spanish so far. Any more votes for German?

youngmama Wed 27-Apr-05 08:54:19

I,personally, would go for german,because,as someone else said,spanish is easier so she could learn it later on if she wanted.German is that bit more harder,but there are words similar to english.I know a man who teachs french and german,he says mother tongue english speakers tend to pick up german easier than french,so maybe its true with spanish as well since french and spanish belong in the same latin family.

emkana Wed 27-Apr-05 08:57:20

German! (But then I am German and used to be a teacher of German, so I'm biased...)

Jackal Wed 27-Apr-05 16:41:50

My two teens both did German and wished they'd done Spanish!

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