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Would you say something or past it over?

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Mothernature Mon 18-Apr-05 10:55:39

ds1 who is now 15 has aquired a new pair of boxers....not a problem, only I know his girlfriend has bought them as a present from her trip to NY..Do I say something or do I just ignore it, they are always shaperoned when in each others company, with friends/ her parents/us etc would a gift as personal as this be a problem for you? should it be for me?

chenin Mon 18-Apr-05 12:29:32

No, it would not!!! I've got two teenagers myself (both girls) and whereas it might cause hilarity and some teasing in the family, it does not sound like a cause for concern to me. My DD1 bought two boys in her class union jack boxers as a joke present last Christmas and I think they were quite flattered (from what she said!)
Incidentally, why do they have to be chaperoned whilst in each others company? Isn't it all about letting go and trusting them?

JoolsToo Mon 18-Apr-05 12:31:01

for me - no problem whatsoever - for you? only you can answer that

soyabean Mon 18-Apr-05 21:05:17

I wouldn't have a problem with this either. can I ask, why does it bother you?

coppertop Mon 18-Apr-05 21:12:39

It wouldn't bother me personally but then I don't have a teenager so have never been in your position. It's probably a double-standard I know but a girl buying boxers for a boy/man doesn't seem to have the same connotations as a boy/man buying underwear for a girl/woman.

Chandra Mon 18-Apr-05 21:15:11

I won't say anything but will review if DS's wardrobe is slightly dated for his age

morningpaper Mon 18-Apr-05 21:15:11

How do you always chaperone 15 year-olds?!

paolosgirl Mon 18-Apr-05 21:18:17

No, not a problem. It would also be worthwhile thanking her for be so concerned about your son's pant situation

Tortington Tue 19-Apr-05 01:01:21

great excuse to take the piss imo!

Mothernature Tue 19-Apr-05 10:07:43

Thanks for the reply's guy's

helliebean, they dont have to be chaperoned they just always are, always have others friends around and parents..

soyabean, I was just a little shocked that's all I suppose I am realising my little boy is not my little boy anymore

I think I will let it go and say nothing, I told his dad last night who laughed, so I think I was just a little too nieve..

redsky Tue 19-Apr-05 10:10:15

I'd be pleased that my ds had a g/f like this - and definitely make a bit of a joke of it!

24hoursisnotenough Tue 19-Apr-05 20:41:06

My 14 year old daughter bought some undies for her boyfriend last Christmas, it was a black shiny thong! I wasn't too comfortable about it but my instinct is to just trust her and make sure she's got as much info as possible to make the best (and safest) decisions for her. Sometimes we have this view of teenagers that they're all likely to jump into an intimate relationship too young, but I think the reality is that most of them are fairly self conscious and unsure of their bodies.

Jackal Wed 27-Apr-05 16:43:33

I agree with the others, not a problem!

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