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Need Help Advice 12yrDD still wetting

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yorkiegal Fri 27-Feb-09 22:06:35

Really need some advice ;(
My 12 year dd still wets night she wears pull ups to bed,we have been going to the enuris (spelling) clinic for about 18months to no avail we have tried both alarms and they don't wake her up and desmomelt takes 2 every night.Some nights we aren't as wet as other's.
Now to the day time easiest way to explain 1 minute we could be shopping and the next need the loo and we have to go there and then.She is often coming home from school with wet pants needing to go on the way home and not making it.
I have had her wee tested and it allways comes back clear,going on tuesday to the doctors have sample bottles ready to take.
I am so worried for her if any body finds out at school.
Before we go out i still have to say go to the loo etc.
I tried all the making her wait when she asked to go and stuff,drinking more
what can i do?
for any help advice

herbietea Fri 27-Feb-09 22:09:37

Message withdrawn

mumeeee Fri 27-Feb-09 23:00:31

DD3 wet the bed until she was 14. She was under the enuresis clinic. She did take desomo tablets which helped for a while, but she had to have a break from them every few weeks otherwise she'd be wet again.. But she would wet more if she didn't drink enough the Doctor at the enresis clinic told her to aim for 6 or 7 drinks a day. They could be anything but she was told not to drink more than one fizzy a day and no Fizzy or tea after 3pm. Otherwise she could drink right up to bed time.
We were also told not to put her in pull ups unless she was going on holiday or to a sleepover.
She had an alarm just after she was 14 and after a few mishaps she became dry within a few weeks and has been dry for the last 3 years.
She had a chart to tick off dry or wet nightsand also for how many drinks she'd had during the day. She aslo used to help cahnge the bed. All this seemd to help. Sorry for the long post I hope this helps and lets you know that you are not alone. A lot of tenager still wet the bed. Have you tried looking at the eric site.

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