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Self harm - where to turn

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carolerl Tue 12-Apr-05 19:55:51

My daughter(15)was going through a tough time two years ago - we'd moved house, there was some bullying going on, she found the new school work too easy etc etc. Around about this time she started self harming - cutting her arms and legs with wallpaper knives (which apparently Somerfield are happy to sell to under 16s but won't sell them kitchen knives) It was some time before I discovered this - we talked it over, things settled down and or the past two years things have been going great (or as great as it gets with teenagers). Discovered a few days ago it started again and I don't feel I can deal with it - she won't talk. Says it's nothing. so we went along to the doctor's together. I offered to leave, she was keen I stayed but doctor asked me to go. She won't tell me what doctor said apart from she has to study to pass her exams - no referrals or anything. Phoned the surgery but doctor won't take calls, and it's three weeks before she has any appointments! What can I do? Single parent with two daughters, one younger (12) they both see a lot of their dad and although he isn't particularly supportive of me we get on well. Where else can I turn? I should also mention that daughter has terrible scars on her arms and legs, but swims three times a week so is obviously not embarrassed by the scars.Help?

starshaker Tue 12-Apr-05 20:09:02

i know of a site called thats what the site is about u might be able to get some good advice on there HTH

marne Tue 12-Apr-05 20:10:48

I self harmed when i was a teenager, cut my arms with any shap object i could get my hands on. I didnt see any doctors, stoped doing it when i was 17. I found it a good way to release emotional pain. i found it hard to talk to anyone as i didnt realy understand why i was doing it myself. I hope your daughter gets the help she needs, im sure if she needs to talk to you she will. Stick by her and let her now you are there if she needs to talk to you,
Best of luck.

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