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Unsupervised post-GCSE hols for 16-year-olds...

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LaineyW Mon 09-Feb-09 19:49:02

My DD1 (16) want to go away for a few days with a group of friends after finishing GCSEs in the summer. There would be three girls and three boys, all 16.

Is there anywhere that would take them? So far they've investigated Haven holidays (have to be 21) and Youth Hostels (have to be accompanied by a parent).

Any ideas?

Claire2301 Tue 10-Feb-09 21:45:47

Think it very much depends on the child. After my GCSE's (6years ago) myself and two female friends went to Great Yarmounth for three days! We stayed in a B&B, the owner requested to speak to and receive a letter from our parents beforehand. Went smoothly and the worst we got up to was bingo in the evening!!

LaineyW Tue 10-Feb-09 22:32:44

Bless! If she were going just with a couple of girlfriends that would be perfect, but the boys are a different matter. One of them has Prodigy-style spiky hair and a lip piercing... can't imagine him playing bingo.

Moondancer Tue 10-Feb-09 23:47:20

Lainey can you please tell me which part of the YHA website you have taken that from because it is not correct. Children can go unaccompanied from their 16th birthday. It used to be 14 but has recently changed to 16.

shabster Wed 11-Feb-09 00:01:42

We are going to Faliraki, Rhodes in July and would be glad to have them tag along!!!!! grin That way we might even be given a free club pass to Q club or Bedrock whilst we wander down Bar Street. This is a difficult one. My lastborn DS4 is almost 12 and I am dreading the day he says 'Is it ok if.......'

Not sure what to suggest but will try to 'pick up tips' for 2013 when I will, no doubt, be in the same position.

RiaParkinson Wed 11-Feb-09 00:04:40

we let ds go camping last year

he is an angel but tbh after gcse's i am quite chilled

i just warn him about hangovers and say 'you are old enough to make choices'

ds is last week in august too so a baby

i am a fierce bint pre 16 - post 16 i chill grin

Tortington Wed 11-Feb-09 00:07:07

lord - i would never allow this.

RiaParkinson Wed 11-Feb-09 17:21:33

i am under no illusion that dd will be allowed the same Custy

Nor ds2 the way he is going!

DS1 is trustworthy

optimisticmumma Wed 11-Feb-09 19:09:20

am in same situation but am working on the 'if i don't help organise it, it will all go away' plan. In my experience 16 year olds (boys in particular) can't organise a **up ina brewery!grin

RiaParkinson Wed 11-Feb-09 21:12:35

my son went 'camping' with four other boys

they went to the lakes in the most piss poor pissing down rain for a week

on the morning he was going he went to buy some 'food' which was basically 'crap' and he was leaving without any coat and virtually the clothes he stood up in - i had a four week old so was less than attentive but shrieked 'no coat - go to yeomans on the way'

suffice to say - walking holiday in only a pair of converse , no food - lord knows what to drink - i felt quite relaxed and happy he had done it!

he loved it!

LaineyW Wed 11-Feb-09 22:37:38

Moondancer, it has come up on almost every hostel I have checked with online. When I put in the details of their group (ie. I go to the Under-18s bit and put in three girls and three boys. The following paragraph comes up:

Prices are for YHA and Hostelling International members. Non-members pay a supplement of GBP 3.00 per night (Adult) and GBP 1.50 (Under 18) on arrival (equivalent to a daily membership). Families with children under the age of 5 will need to book a private room. Children aged 5-16 can only stay when accompanied by a parent, guardian or as part of an organised group and when staying in shared accommodation the parent or guardian must be of the same sex. To join YHA (England and Wales) please visit our membership pages.

Any date or number highlighted in red may differ from your entry.

ruddynorah Wed 11-Feb-09 22:44:44

they could go to one of the music festivals if they're keen campers. some of them are over 2 or 3 nights. i did that at 16 after GCSEs, and only just 16 at that, with a summer birthday.

the following summer, between lower 6th form and only just turned and my schoolfriends went to ibiza for a week.

we were fine, am very glad to have had very open minded parents who trusted me to do this.

also had fab times camping on duke of edinburgh award expeditions...through a magic mushroom haze..

Ewe Wed 11-Feb-09 22:52:38

I went to Malia when I was sixteen (some of my friends were 17) via a holiday company - Thomas Cook I think? Had to get written supervision from my parents though, had an amazing time!

RiaParkinson Thu 12-Feb-09 00:18:40

ruddynorah i'm telling the Duke of you wink

shabster Thu 12-Feb-09 08:43:52

grin Ria and RuddyNorah (love that name - it reminds me of my Grandads WORSE swear word)

ruddynorah Thu 12-Feb-09 12:01:29

yes when we went to ibiza all our parents had to write letters to the travel agent saying it was ok we could go.

Moondancer Thu 12-Feb-09 15:10:32

LaineyW Thank you for bringing the YHA website age thing up in this thread. It is wrong and has been brought to the attention of the YHA.

Moondancer Thu 12-Feb-09 15:12:42

I believe it should say 'children aged 5-15'.

LaineyW Thu 12-Feb-09 16:42:19

Thanks Moondancer, I've just had an e-mail back from them to say that yes, they will take bookings of 16-year-olds, (which as you quite rightly say, is their minimum age) although we would have to contact our chosen hostel direct as the kids would need a private room/dorm.

Soooo, that looks like a definite possibility. A youth hostel sounds so much safer than a Haven Holidays caravan... or am I just living in denial?

Moondancer Thu 12-Feb-09 23:44:50

Lainey - let them go - they will love it! Its very safe, males and females will have seperate rooms and there are staff available if there are any problems. My dd says its one of the best things Ive let her do!

roseypose Wed 01-Apr-09 19:08:26

Some youth hostels can be a bit manky but if they're looking for one in a city, the thameside one in London is lovely, as is the Oxford YHA. Both very clean and shiny relative to others I've been in!

sarah293 Wed 01-Apr-09 19:14:35

Message withdrawn

piscesmoon Wed 01-Apr-09 19:23:45

I would say that the YHA idea is a good one. My DS went to Cornwall camping after his GCSE's, there were 4 of them, it was carefully researched first and they had a great time. It was a good experience for them to have. My DS is sensible and I liked his friends.

motheroftwoboys Thu 02-Apr-09 20:31:17

Just like to add my vote to letting them go. Our DS1 has gone away with friends since he was 16 and they have had a great time. They don't stay at youth hostels but use backpackers hostels and as far as I know there is no age limit. They also go to festivals both here and abroad. Last year they went to festivals in Portugal and had a week in Berlin. This year they are going to Portugal again (Boom?! if I remember) and also to Prague for a week. Not sure if he will have time to come away with us. {grin}

BCNS Thu 02-Apr-09 20:40:08

let him go vote here too

I jollied round europe at just 17..for a couple of months.. it was fab

ds1 is already planning.... i won't stop him

piscesmoon Thu 02-Apr-09 22:03:12

I think that it is highly sensible to let them go somewhere in this country for a few days. In less than 2 years they can buy a ticket to Thailand and go on their own. As long as they have the money, you can't stop them.

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