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please recommend presents I can buy for teenage girls?

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vannah Fri 26-Dec-08 21:59:44

Im a mum of two toddlers, so the world of teenagers is a bit alien to me. Worse still, I don't actually know the girls at all. They are 11 and 13, I know they like reading but wanted something a bit more special than book tokens.
Their mother is a friend of my mother-in-law's, and is forever sending my children adorable useful gifts (clothes and classic books)

any ideas?
sorry bit vague...

SleighGirl Fri 26-Dec-08 22:03:12

Go to Claire's Accessories (hair stuff & cheapo jewellry)? Superdrug for some make up sets?

vannah Fri 26-Dec-08 23:06:37

thanks sg, forgot claires...

nappyaddict Fri 26-Dec-08 23:55:21

also H&M and new look good for cheap accessories.

pinkbubble Fri 26-Dec-08 23:59:31

My DD is 14. She was really pleased with hair spray, Impulse body spray, nice bubble bath. DD also was really pleased in getting a £5 gift card from New Look.

FleurDelacour Sat 27-Dec-08 08:11:50

I second the Impulse body spray. They have a city collection which my teen loves. For the eleven year old some lip gloss perhaps or a nice tin of pencils or felt tips or gel pens if funds allow. Body Shop stuff goes down well but is pricey.

katinat Sat 27-Dec-08 16:21:19

I have a 14 yr old and a 12 yr old. They love gift cards: iTunes, bookstores, mall stores like Claires or Bath and Body.

vannah Sat 27-Dec-08 20:27:33

brilliant - some great ideas everyone, thankyou!

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