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Help. Teenage son and GF arguments....

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fizzbuzz Fri 19-Dec-08 21:48:05

Ds is 15. Has known this girl since Yr8 when she moved away. Have kpt in touch via MSN. She is moving back, and he has asked if she can stay here the night they move back hmm.

I have said no...because

I don't know her, and have never met her
I don't want any funny business going on grin
He is 15 (just). He has informed me, loads of kids his age aren't virgins shock.

He is not talking to me and is v angry. He has also asked if she can come round in the day, and go in his room to listen to music hmm. I understand he needs his privacy....but not sure.

I teach at his school as well, so there may be Child Protection Issues.


SmilePlease Fri 19-Dec-08 23:58:42

You're right to turn the girl away for an overnight stay.

But i do think you should allow the girlfriend in the house because at least they're not out somewhere doing well, things like listening to music, that they do in his bedroom. This way to some extent you can keep an eye on them and get to know the girlfriend.

Also your son may not be a virgin, perhaps he was hinting this when he mentioned 'loads of kids'.

I don't you teaching at their school effects you in anyway, yet again i don't know much about law, so don't take my word for it!

mrsjammilovessantababy Sat 20-Dec-08 00:11:20

Message withdrawn

beanieb Sat 20-Dec-08 00:14:16

What do her parents think?

cranberryjuice Sat 20-Dec-08 12:32:48

Is she 15 too?
My dd is 15 currently cross her bf not allowed in her bedroom while her big bro 17.7 is allowed gf17 to sleep over .I told her it is to do with her age and it will be diff at17 if she is in serious relationship and we know and like bf.
I will allow them to be in more neutral room like spare sitting room with music etc so far this has been refused as is "so ridiculous"!Oh well.

fizzbuzz Sat 20-Dec-08 13:50:11

Yes, this will be my approach I think

Ds will get comfortable front room with Skyhmm to entertain gf.

Dp, dd and I will huddle in dining room as this is too open plan for any privacy at all.

No gf in bedroom until 16, I am thinking

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