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Do you need help with a difficult teen?

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tvresearcher Thu 10-Mar-05 17:49:30

Dear All,

I am a TV researcher looking for people that might want to take part in a new documentary for ITV.

We are looking for parents who have reached breaking point and desperately need help with a difficult teenager.

We want to speak to parents fed up with constant arguments or being given the silent treatment, worried that their teenager is staying out late, hanging around with the wrong crowd and heading down a path of no return.

We will be enlisting a team of experts for a new series dedicated to helping parents and teenagers tackle those difficult years. If this looks like the sort of thing that you would like to take part in then please get in contact.


NomDePlume Thu 10-Mar-05 18:09:13

You need to pay for this advert. Email they'll allocate you a MEDIA name and charge a small fee for you to advertise on the forum. HTH

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