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OK shoot me I know it's only October, but how do your teens feel about Xmas?

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mumblechum Fri 17-Oct-08 12:58:00

do they still get excited?

Do you still do stockings etc?

Our ds (14) does still get excited about getting presents (tho' no idea what to get this year, he is the Boy Who Has Everything), but it isn't quite what it was a few years ago.

AMumInScotland Fri 17-Oct-08 13:56:26

DS (almost 15) still gets excited, and was adamant a couple of years back that he still had to have a stocking. The main difference though is that he now likes a lie-in on Christmas morning!

mumblechum Fri 17-Oct-08 13:58:42

I still do the stocking thing btw. DS had his ipod touch nicked at school the other week so am thinking may buy him another one for Christmas (obv with his name engraved in large letters over the screen this timewink)

mumeeee Fri 17-Oct-08 22:50:23

My DD's are 21.18 and 18 and they still get excited about Christmas. They still have stockings which they open in thier rooms and then come into our room to show us what they have got!

brightwell Sun 19-Oct-08 12:48:39

My dd(14) announced the other day that she wants to go to Lapland this year to do the Father Christmas experience. I still do stockings this will be the first year we don't do the mince pie & carrot. I told my ds(almost 11) the truth a few weeks ago. He asked, I had to be honest because the thought of him being bullied/teased about it.

AuntEm Mon 20-Oct-08 22:49:17

DD (14) won't hear of us doing anything different at Christmas. We still have to get out the advent calendar she made when she was 5. And Fr Christmas still does the stockings (tho he finds it gets more difficult not to mention expensive every year).

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