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2 daughters 1yr apart dd2 takes over.

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mdrooney Thu 16-Oct-08 13:59:44

DD1 has just turned 13 and dd2 will be 12 on Sunday, now dd1 and dd2 are the complete oppisite dd1 is alot more quite and very laid back and a bit shy and it takes her a while to make friends but she thinks you either like me or you dont but she has made some friends last yr in y7 and a has a good mixture of Friends, now dd2 is quite the opposite she is lively and the extovert and always wants to be liked and people tend to be drawn to her.
Last night at there school choir concert I saw that dd2 was mixing alot with dd1 friends which I thought was nice but worried me as dd1 seemed a bit pushed out and went very quite this has been ongoing since they were little and it worries me that dd1 will think that her sister is more popualar.
dd2 has also been invited to one of dd1 friends halloween partys which has upset dd1
a fair bit, and dd2 does have her own friends and dd1 does not get invited along when thay get togther, I love both dds for their diffrent personalittys but it worries me should I have a word to dd2 to back off dd1 friends a bit, and to dd1 to make more of a effort or should I leave alone.

Tortington Thu 16-Oct-08 14:01:22

yip have a word

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