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DD doing duke of ed tomorrow-any tips please as her rucksack is SO heavy

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fakeblonde Thu 18-Sep-08 13:30:05

This time she has to carry a whole tent as she hasn`t anyone to share with and i bought a hike lite 1 man tent which is really small but its taking up so much room.
She`s really only packed th bare essentials.
Yes i know i shouldn`t even try and check or interfere but i cant help it ! x

cmotdibbler Thu 18-Sep-08 13:38:04

Take everything out of her rucksack, and see whether she really needs it or not - esp considering the weather forecast for the weekend.

What she doesn't need: more than 1 set of spare clothes, moisturiser, deodorant, any hair care apart from a tiny hairbrush, more than the absolute essential food (spoon coffee, whitener and sugar into bag for exactly the number of hot drinks, breakfast=cereal bar, lunch=crackers and primula/peanut butter, dinner =rice noodles and tuna in a pouch that sort of thing - forget fruit and veg as its just too heavy to carry), mallet (ground is soft enough to just apply boot atm), plates/bowls (eat out of cooking pan).

def needed - tiny LED torch, bin bags, small packet baby wipes (for cleaning and instead of loo roll)

ruddynorah Thu 18-Sep-08 13:40:21

how old is she and how man nights is she going for? what food has she packed?

Bobbiewickham Thu 18-Sep-08 13:46:38

I did D of E.

Iirc, I took a mess tin, a water bottle, toothbrush, toothpaste, dehydrated food (beanfeast - boak), wipes to wash with, clean knickers, clean t-shirt, little hairbrush, trangier, small torch, first aid kit, plastic bags, clean socks (thick and thin), emergency rations (ie chocolate or glucose tablets) in case of getting lost and needing high energy food. Also tent and bedroll.

There should be a DofE handbook with a list of essentials and what it all should weigh.

fakeblonde Thu 18-Sep-08 14:05:18

Thanks everyone.
She`s doing her bronze 15 miles and 1 night.
So far have got 1 tent i sleeping bag i roll, i survival bag i small first aid kit ,small knife fork spoon in 1, pan,tiny gas stove and cannister,spooned out milk powder and cereal in bag,tuna in pouch,pasta in sauce packet,drink bottle ,emergency food,1 spare pants,trousers t shirt,good waterproof coat,flip flops hat tiny amount toothpaste,baby toothbrush,tiny piece soap,microlight towel,spare socks,blister pasks,energy sweets,waterproof trousers,hat,toilet paper (will now replace with wipes) ,plastic bags,small maglite torch,and snacks yet to pack.
She`s going in trousers that zip off to shorts and walking jacket that arms zip off.
Will nip out and buy tiny hairbrush too.

Is the forecast good then ?
Sorry am just a panicky mum x

cmotdibbler Thu 18-Sep-08 14:14:54

Ditch the trousers, flip flops, hat, soap, towel. Personally (but I am an adult etc) if the weather forecast is good, for 15 miles I'd just take a pac a mac and trousers rather than good ones as much lighter if v unlikely to need to use them.

Milliways Fri 19-Sep-08 20:32:41

DD has done her GOld now. She packed too many clothes for Bronze but had learnt by Gold grin

She has a friend braid her hair - it stays like that all weekend.
She only takes 1 cup (with indelible mark for measuring enough water for her porridge), 1 bowl & 1 spoon (knife & fork never used). She has a tiny wooden spoon.

They cook in pairs/threes so should take turns carrying cooking stuff.

She took flipflops to wear in evenings - grateful to take boots off!

They had flavoured Oats so simple breakfasts made with just water.

We got a TINY lightweight sleeping bag from Argos which has been great. She puts a liner in it on cold trips.

Good luck, it's great fun - even the wilderness walks (when they have to purify their own water and don't see a tap or loo for 3 nights!)

ethanchristopher Sun 21-Sep-08 18:28:32

you should of got a festival tent!!

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