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Unfit mother

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Amanda3266 Wed 23-Feb-05 08:38:55

This is the verdict of my darling 15 year old niece upon my darling and long suffering sister.

Her crime? It's half term, dear niece was bored and my sister had arranged nothing for her to do!

Such a dreadful mother!

Oh the joy of being 15 and knowing everything.

suedonim Wed 23-Feb-05 16:24:12

Heehee! My 17yo dd1 fired me recently for being 'an inadequate mother'. Apparently, she was disturbed that one week I'd made marmalade and cakes but nothing as interesting was forthcoming the following week (no, only a decent meal each evening etc!). Anyway, I've now been reinstated, as she needed a lift somewhere.

PS dd has a sign on her door - Ask a Teenager, while they still know everything.

anorak Wed 23-Feb-05 16:30:15

I was watching Dr Phil this afternoon, where they discussed the fact that the part of the brain that reasons is very underdeveloped in teenagers!

That explains a whole lot!

Did you ever see 'The Osbournes' where Sharon is telling a friend that Kelly called Childline once?

She complained that her mother had slapped her. The Childline counsellor asked why. Kelly replied 'because I said she sucked a donkey's c**k'.

Apparently the counsellor said 'Your mother was right to slap you. Don't call here again.'

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