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9 year old girl hitting 5 year old brother - how do I stop it ?

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jellibabe Sun 24-Aug-08 23:09:28

My 9 soon to be 10 year old daughter lashes out in anger at her 5 year old brother a lot. What's the best way to tackle or prevent this? Am a bit alarmed about the ferocity behind this.

bubblagirl Mon 25-Aug-08 10:27:26

has she a favourite something you can stop her doing or take away as if she cannot be nice she loses something and if you see her being nice praise and give something back

try and have a talk does she need more time to herself she is at an age maybe its frustrating to have younger brother around her all the time

you could ask her to play nice and she can have time to herself each day with no disturbances from her brother

sit and talk and ask why she is frustrated it could be she wants to do something and he wont give her any space or peace

try and find something ds can do and she can have alone time try and put a sticker on her door for knocking or to say she is having alone time and ask ds not to go in when sign is up but tell her its only to be up so long in a day and she has to play nice with ds before she has such time

sorry only have 1 ds so not sure but my friend used this technique and it worked well it was just her ds didntr want younger ds tagging along all the time and was frustrating him also my friend was relying on older to watch the younger and didnt really take into account he may need time alone so she now has one to one time with youngest to give older some time out

juuule Mon 25-Aug-08 11:33:37

As bubblagirl says, ask her why she's doing it. Is the 5yo annoying her?
Tell him to keep out of her way.
Watch out for him teasing her.
Look out for her bad moods brewing and see if you can step in at that point. Notice if she's in a bad mood and warn your ds.
Talk to her about why she's in bad moods, that she's older than ds and should set a good example, that he is younger and needs her to look out for him.
All that sort of stuff.

PS - why is this in teenagers? Just wondering.

mumblechum Mon 25-Aug-08 18:08:39

You'd probably get more replies in Behaviour. Did you post this in teenagers accidentally?

jellibabe Mon 25-Aug-08 22:27:27

Thanks for your replies smile. Posted in Teenagers because most of the hitting threads in Behaviour seem to involve younger kids. My daughter seems to be exhibiting Teenager moodiness and i'm not sure how best to tackle it. Also wondered if anyone else had a problem with older kids hitting.

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