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growth spurts - when do they happen

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christywhisty Sun 17-Aug-08 00:05:09

DS is 12 (13 next month) has not stopped growing this year and is now 5'7 and size 9 feet. I have bought him a size 15yr blazer back in June in the M&S 2for3 sale and to be honest it doesn't look like it will last him until christmas at this rate. It's still got his labels on it, but looking at the next size it is only for 2 cm taller. He has a long body, his trouser size is nearer his age. His weight is ideal, but he his quite broad shouldered.

Will he settle down for a while and then have another spurt or will it carry on a gradual basis until he reaches his full adult height. DH is 6'2 (although I am only a diddy 5'2)

lilacbloom Sun 17-Aug-08 00:49:22

My partners mam is 4'10 and his dad is 5'11 and he is no where near as tall as his dad (he is 5'8), your son might not be a 6 footer. He stopped growing at 13.

christywhisty Sun 17-Aug-08 16:31:49

I was wondering whether earlier puberty would affect his growth. His voice has already broken

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