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parenting a teen sister

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mum4mnotts Mon 14-Feb-05 19:02:21

Hi there
I was wondering if any one else out there has experiance or can offer advice on parenting a teen who your not her mum? I am "mum" to my sister who is now 14 she has been with us and my family I have 3 children( one of whom has asperger's )and 2 years ago my sister came to me due to a death of our parents. In that time we have faced many trials and tests but have come through them. I just dont feel like i know what to do correctley and handle her needs as a teenager (sounds confusing)any one out there offer advice? iam very new here too.

Thank you

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 19:13:00

Message withdrawn

mum4mnotts Mon 14-Feb-05 19:44:23

Thank you for the welcome i really hope so. TTFN

morningpaper Mon 14-Feb-05 20:13:29

Gosh tricky one. My local council (I think, or it might be PCT) runs Parentcraft classes for parents of teenagers. This might put you in touch with other parents and offer some advice and ideas. Good luck. x

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Mon 14-Feb-05 20:23:54

just a little bump for you. There are bound to be mums of teens here, if not now then later.

I'm sure whatever happens you'll do a great job!!!!!!!!!!

maltesers Mon 14-Feb-05 20:48:46

Be patient with her and remember inside that adult sized body with a figure is an immature child that is still testing the boundaries. She wants to know you care whatever she says to you. just let her know you are there for her and want to help her. Its a confusing time for a teenagers. She is trying to find out who she is. How you treat her tells her whether she is ok or not as a person. She doesnt know whether she is a child or an adult or what. good luck and be calm ! Oh by the way i have 3 kids, 4, 14 and 16 and am going through some hard times with my dd of 14.

mum4mnotts Tue 15-Feb-05 19:05:56

Thank you all for ur messages I am trying. I agree yes there is a young woman in there and it does show and then there is this person who drives me crazy, I guess i feel cheated as we should be doing all the gooofy things that sisters do but we are not and im having to ask her when she is coming in and when she last washed her hair n stuff that sisters dont ask each other and because i moved away from my her when my daughter was born as my mum died when she was 5 and then she lived with her dad until he died 2years ago. then she came to live with us when all i really saw of her was every 3-4 months (by the way im 28) so there is a huge differance between her and my age and she'd have you believe its bigger ha ha and that i never lived lol........ so now she lives with us and we love her dearly but i just feel like we are trying to understand one another but not really getting any where fast (don't get me wrong we get on ) but i feel she has difficulty ajusting from being on her own to being one of 4 now ... god ive waffled on haven't i?

thanks again.

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