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Moshi Wed 13-Aug-08 20:00:55

If a 14 year old received level 5's, 4's and a 3 (pe) in all her sats results, what does this mean for the future? does it mean she'll have to sit a low GCSE paper or are these good results?

It says she's reached her targets in the level 5s but all her friends seem to have achieved 6's and 7's and I've been told by two different people today that level 5 is really low??

Piffle Wed 13-Aug-08 20:07:43

ignore PE
Are 5's are in core subjects English maths science?
Sats are only tested in these. Other subjects are teacher assessment

If 4s and 3s are for core subjects then you need some help from school to assess needs and extra work imvho
I think 5 is national expected average for yr9 though???
Or is it 6?
Sorry hopefully someone else has posted before me
We still have no SATS here yet!

fizzbuzz Thu 14-Aug-08 21:51:49

Yes, I think 5 is expected level for most, lthough 6 can be expected as well

Level 5 usually indicates a C at GCSE give or take a bit

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