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Would you use a drug testing kit?

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Peckarollover Mon 14-Feb-05 12:37:54

I came across a site - it sells drugs testing kits and is aimed at parents, schools etc

Drug Tests

Do you think this is a good idea?

Would you use a test with your kids or do you think it betrays trust?

I think in schools especially it may put kids off knowing that there could be random drugs tests at any given time.

Drugs are something that really scare me about my kids future - I HATE the thought of them going out and getting off their heads and progressing onto harder stuff - I have dabbled in my time but nothing too serious but have friends who have got into trouble because of their drug use.

Beansmum Mon 14-Feb-05 12:55:47

I think it's a terrible idea! I don't think schools would be allowed to use them anyway, when I was at school they weren't even allowed to search our bags if they KNEW we had drugs. And would your kids ever forgive you if you used them at home?

It's pretty scary to think of your kids using drugs, my ds is still tiny and I worry already about how he'll grow up, but proving to them that you don't trust them isn't going to help.

SeaShells Mon 14-Feb-05 12:59:52

I'd like to think that I wouldn't need to, I hope that my children and I will be able to talk about it and that they would be honest about drugs with me, like the relationship I had with my parents. My parents didn't need a drug test kit, the very only one time I dabbled in drugs as a stupid teenager they knew straight away anyway, we had a long chat about it and I've never touched them since, if however they had made me do a test it would have ruined our relationship forever!

Peckarollover Mon 14-Feb-05 13:09:53

hmmmmm I hadnt considered that about the trust issue.

lockets Mon 14-Feb-05 13:14:34

Message withdrawn

charleepeters Mon 14-Feb-05 19:13:59

what is the point in schools drug testing?if there doing it the law wont do anything,the school may throw them out but hay they just get more time to do more drugs,but its true schools wouldnt be allowed i dont think as foster parents we arnt allowed, against there human right

fostermum Mon 14-Feb-05 19:18:21

sorry that last message was me not my daughter who changed my settings bless

Peckarollover Tue 22-Feb-05 18:17:57

Just came across this - relevant to this topic

BBC Article on drugs tests in schools

happymerryberries Tue 22-Feb-05 18:32:01

If I thought that my kids were in school with someone who had drugs in their school bag I would like that bag to be searched, the drugs confiscated and the police informed. Sorry, but who is to say how many kids are 'supplied' in that way?

fostermum Thu 24-Feb-05 15:36:06

at my youngest daughters school i took the name of children dealing drugs in the school to the headmaster ,to which i was told "yes i know we have them on cctv we have informed the police and they dont want to know because its only weed," so what would the point of testing them be????i have tried every route to stop the kids i deal with smoking it but if the law isnt behind us where do we go next, the police have told me that a stoned child is a lot better behaved then a drunk one who may be violent,so all the time there quite they leave them to it,we had a lady dealing to 10 yr olds in the village the police still done nothing but if the childs mother goes around there and smacks the woman one who will be taken to court, wont be the dealer!

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