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Day out in Cambridge with 15 yo niece

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pofaced Wed 23-Jul-08 23:02:30

I am taking 15 yo niece to Cambridge for the day and need ideas for what to do: advice/ suggestions please!

She think she wants to go to University there and I loath shopping so would like ideas for vaguely university related things but not too square or too pofaced (eg full day in the Fitzwilliam). I was wondering about the following:

how long does it take to punt to Grantchester? How much? How much if someone else does the work?

Nice place for a swim in the Cam? Is this even possible?

All needs to be do-able from the train station and cannot involve overnight

She will go to open days etc in a few years time, this trip is really just to soak up atmosphere and make her see that it's a real place and not completely out of reach but still have some of its unique charm (hence naff punting idea!)


ILoveDolly Wed 23-Jul-08 23:10:08

It will take a few hours to punt to grantchester but it's fun. Get the punts from next to the Anchor pub.

Do not attempt to swim unless you want Weils Disease!!!

The station is a little bit out of town but not a terrible walk. Personally I would get a taxi.

You can take a quick tour of some of the colleges, that might be a fun way of 'getting a flavour' if punting seems like an effort. Kings is definately worth a look, and there is the massive and very impressive chapel (a bit po faced?).

On the other hand, always good shopping!

Important note: you must sample something from Nadia's bakery for a true taste of student life.

tigermoth Thu 24-Jul-08 21:11:19

I was a 15 year old in Cambridge many years ago - lived in the town centre.

Haven't been back for 5 years but I agree that shopping is a major thing - I used to do lots of it. Lots of nice cafes also.

Also, lots of good book shops - Heffers book shop is very interesting so if you have any book tokens Cambridge is a good place to take them. Music shops as well - lots of specialist music shops.

Also museums - Fitzwilliam is impressive.

And Kettles Yard (actually IMO that's a must)- art gallery, museum and more - near some very old university buildings and the river.

trefusis Thu 24-Jul-08 21:21:22

Message withdrawn

bythepowerofgreyskull Thu 24-Jul-08 21:28:44

punting to grantchester as an amateur is hard work, I would pay for a man to do it for you smile
punting is fun though so perhaps hiring one for an hour is not cheap scudamores have a LARGE share of the market
The open top bus although it is a big cheesy is a great way of seeing some of the major sights.

Will think of more. If you want some simple lunch Michaelhouse cafe is a little different from your average cafe in a beautiful building

TheJenster Thu 24-Jul-08 22:09:09 is pretty useful for ideas.
Def. go to the backs, but maybe walk? Consider a different college for briefish sightseeing (but still impressive), the main sites will be heaving and personally it would drive me nuts.
If you are only there for the day, a bit of culture by foot, an hours tour on the punts and a quick shimmy round the new shopping area (Grand Arcade) would do the job (you dont have to shop just gives the idea that the City is in touch with fashion!).
A cab to the centre from the station wont be much but if there are only 2 of you try the bus, goes frequently and probably cheaper.
Enjoy your day, just dont forget to watch out for the bikes!

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