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Cool things for teens to do in the summer holidays

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LaineyW Mon 21-Jul-08 21:08:57

My husband came up with a great idea this evening (well, I thought it was great!) which I thought I'd share... he suggested that we go around the village and take photos of particular landmarks and well-known spots but in strange disguised contexts (upside down pics etc.) and make up a sort of treasure hunt for my daughter and her friends - to see if they could find all the different places.

Anyone else got anything cool for their bored teens to do for six weeks?

My other brilliant idea (not) is to refuse to make their lunches after I've been working from home all morning and they've been dossing in their beds until 11ish then get up and expect me to prepare food for them. Their quest is to provide me with nutritious healthy lunches every day instead. Yeah, right...hmm

ivykaty44 Mon 21-Jul-08 21:15:23

Go in the church yard and find someone on the outside (so they dont have to trapse over graves) and use this person get them to find out as much as they can about them.

asking older people in the village, library for census, church for baptism register? Bit of a detective style thing for them to do.

rediince Wed 05-Nov-08 07:04:32

hello. i am actually a teenager. i was searching online for stuff to do during the holisdays and i came across this site. (and decided to join just so that i can comment on this thread.)

well, the topic for this thread is 'COOL things for teens to do in the summer holidays' personally, i feel that your suggestions are rather 'uncool'. if they are activities for kids around the age of 5 to 8, they may still be interesting, but for a teenager, they are going to be very childish and boring. your teenage children will most probably think of them as pointless or waste of time.

note: i am not criticizing anyone, i am just giving constructive comments.

an impt point i think parents should know is that most probably your teen alrdy have activities planned. So let them have some freedom and let them decide for themselves how to spend their holidays.

Relegegend Sun 04-Jul-10 20:45:49

rediince I agree completly, I'm 15 and these ideas...suck, sorry

If my mum and dad sat down and were like "yes we're going to take pictures of crap and you need to tell us what they are" I'd be like "no thank you, I'm going to Worcester"

pointydog Sun 04-Jul-10 21:01:54

I never knew there were so many teenagers who read mumsnet posts. You lot need to get out more.

frogs Sun 04-Jul-10 21:15:24

Well, fwiw:

This is cool.

This is slightly less cool, but still appealing enough for my 15yo to want to do it.

Babysitting for other people's dc is not inherently cool, but she gets paid real money for it, which enables her to do other cool things like go to Top Shop and hang around Camden Market with her friends.

In any remaining spare time I get her to babysit her younger siblings, for which I do not pay her.

Problem solved.

cory Mon 05-Jul-10 07:19:44

I don't think there is such a thing as "cool for all teenagers". Teenagers, like other people, are individuals.

There may well be one or two teens who would love the village grave research.

My dd would consider it perfectly cool to spend the summer reciting Shakespeare monologues, and so no doubt would many of her friends in the drama club, but some other teen who didn't share this particular interest would have no hesitation in denouncing it as "childish and boring". I used to loathe clothes shopping otoh, and would have hated the suggestion that I should spend my summer in the 1970s equivalent of Top Shop.

What most teens probably would find irritating is not local history (or fossil hunting or sports or aquascaping or wildlife photography) per se (as clearly many teens do do these things and do them extrememly well); it's the suggestion that you are too little to think up something to do, so your parents have to do it for you. Teens tend to be very sensitive on this score.

Having said that, there may well be teens out there who are mature enough to want to join in a family activity such as the above treasure hunt, just like many adults would, because as you mature you start worrying less about appearances and being grownup and more about having fun together. You know your teens, OP- ask them what they think. But make sure they also have plenty of leisure time that they are in control of.

mumeeee Mon 05-Jul-10 17:25:53

DD3 is now 18 but since she was 15 she's been planning her own activities with her friends. They definatly would not have wanted to do the treasure hunt. Also All 3 of my girls have often got thier own lunches in the holidays and at weekends since they were about 10 years old.

cassie1998 Fri 15-Apr-11 13:24:13

pointydog, the only reason why we are looking at this is because we have search google for cool things to do in the summer holidays for teenagers and this has come up. It is nothing to do with getting out more and that is the whole reason for this thread. If we did get out more then there wouldn't be any need for this particular thread or your comment that would be taken by many as a mean, unnecessary and childish thing to say. (I am also a teenager who joined to set you straight.)

evlbzltyr Sun 17-Apr-11 02:44:21

"You lot need to get out more."

I find it hilarious that someone on a forum would tell someone else on a forum that they "need to get out more." That's just a completely hypocritical and downright idiotic thing to say.

But yeah. Just leave them to their own devices. Let them get on with it. They don't need their parents asking - or telling - them to do stuff like that. While it might sound like a cool, fun thing to do, it all sounds a bit too much like something you'd be expected to do in certain classes at school.

evlbzltyr Sun 17-Apr-11 02:45:34

Also - I'm a teenager too. I only joined this place 'cuz I see my mum on here all the time and want to see what you lot are talking about.


GypsyMoth Sun 17-Apr-11 09:10:07


how about a proper worldwide treasure hunt.....there are hundreds of real treasure 'caches' hidden around the world,well,more like millions actually. you can log your finds online. you need compass/gps to locate them. put your postcode into to see whats local to theres a few and you never knew they existed!! once you've found the treasure you take a small item and replace with something small. sign the log and place back where hidden for next people

my tots to teens all love this hobby!grin

meditrina Sun 17-Apr-11 09:29:00

Depends on how much you can spend.

Our local ballet school (deeply uncool place) ran very popular street dance classes. The local centre with a climbing wall was a hit too (warning, this was tweenagers not teenagers reaction).

jaykitts Mon 15-Aug-11 19:11:20

My ex husband (who is ex but lovely) told me the other day that I was impulsive. I totally disagreed. However, ten minutes after reading dragonfly68's post, i've ordered a GPS from Amazon and I'm off to do a bit of geocaching when it arrives!

KatieScarlett2833 Mon 15-Aug-11 19:13:20

Alton Towers plus own room in nice hotel with pool worked for my DC's.

Other than that, just throw food, money, sleepovers and lifts at them and all will be well.

KatieScarlett2833 Mon 15-Aug-11 19:14:17

DD, get off Mumsnet before you see all the stuff I've written about you

cat64 Tue 16-Aug-11 00:01:58

Message withdrawn

bethemmarie Fri 20-Jul-12 14:41:50

I am a teenager myself and I am 13.The things what i could think off so far is:
Go swimming with some off there mates and give them some money to go to a cafe with,
Go iceskating,
Let them and one her there mates go to a maze.
I hope this helps!! smile wink

RadioRentalMum Fri 20-Jul-12 14:49:26

My 13 year old is off swimming with his friends today. So far during the holidays (we are in Scotland so he's been off a couple of weeks already), he has spent far too much time on the PC and been out with his friends on his bike a couple of times. Occasionally I drag him, kicking and screaming, out for a walk with the dogs! grin

wrathomum Fri 20-Jul-12 17:12:40

Rediince, you could work on how to be taken seriously by adults - by learning how to punctuate sentences! grin

BackforGood Fri 20-Jul-12 17:24:22

You have spotted this thread is from 2008, haven't you ?

Jesslovesericthedogx Thu 26-Jul-12 20:38:27

i'm sorry guys but i AM actually a TEENAGER and all of the ideas from people who aren't actually teenagers are rubbish! i don't want to sound mean, these ideas are great for younger children maybe up to 7 year olds and you should think about using them on another chat :D but my little sister is 8 and she wouldn't even thing about taking pictures of landmarks and researching graves is such a sad thing to do in the holidays and is really creepy! I do like some of the ideas though smile and i LOVE some of the ideas from actuall teenagers are great! :D

redincourt Sun 29-Jul-12 12:37:19

Right, guys you might want to listen closely, all this mumbo jumbo about yay, lets on a treasure hunt is pure bull** no offence parents. Swimming?? Seriously?? Not if you have a normal teenage girl. There not going to want to get their hair and makeup wrecked, don't be dumb ass'.
What we really want and would enjoy doing:
#get a manicure, pedicure, ect.
#go somewhere fun not flipping sea world or a zoo, do you think we're 5 year olds?!
#ice skating
#let us go out with friends? Even if it's a boy, get the hell over it it's going to happen at one point.
#let them do what the hell they want. Jeez, give them freedom ?!

redincourt Sun 29-Jul-12 12:39:15

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Ineedaflippinmedal Sun 29-Jul-12 17:34:14

Take as many as you can fit in the car and go camping to a site where they can sit and chat, have a campfire, swim in the river and do their own cooking.

You in the meantime, read a really good book, go for some lovely walks and enjoy toasting marshmallows on the fire. Perfectgrin

On the other hand you could just do most of the above in your garden and you can stay at home and watch the olympicsgrin

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