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ok ds's gf has her birthday in a couple of weeks

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2shoes Tue 01-Jul-08 18:46:36

they will have been together about 3 months,
do I.........
a) send her a card via ds post
b) get dd(sn and adores her) to send a card.
c) buy her a pressie(small)
d) just say happy birthday.


Hassled Tue 01-Jul-08 18:48:27

Definately a card - this could be your future DIL you're talking about . Present not necessary but if you decided to, something like an iTunes voucher is well received by most teenagers.

2shoes Tue 01-Jul-08 22:19:45

she hasn't got a home pc.

TotalChaos Tue 01-Jul-08 22:21:19

card from you and DD.

lilolilmanchester Tue 01-Jul-08 22:22:12

Definitely a card and just a small token gift - some toiletries/box of celebrations??

stleger Tue 01-Jul-08 22:37:21

Or call credit. And I hope she treats him very kindly!

2shoes Wed 02-Jul-08 11:58:40

oh she does. thay are so sweet together

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