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washing [themselves], when do they start doing it unprompted?

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sasquatch Sun 29-Jun-08 18:32:56

I just wanted to ask others when they could leave a teen or pre- teen to wash and bathe adequately unsupervised, my ds just sits in the bath.


pagwatch Sun 29-Jun-08 18:35:41

it is exactly one day after they meet a member of the opposite sex that they are attracted to.
Ds1 went from a cursory rub down when reminded to monopolising the bathroom and making it smell like a tarts bedroom in about ten seconds.
he has a girlfriend now and i can never get him out of the shower in the morning...

Hecate Sun 29-Jun-08 18:36:21

Ah. A boy. He won't wash at all until he discovers girls. Then he'll spend 8 hours every day scrubing himself in a bath filled with aftershave. You'll need this to sit in the same room as him.

Hecate Sun 29-Jun-08 18:36:52

lol. x posts with pagwatch.

see. It must be true! grin

pagwatch Sun 29-Jun-08 19:59:18

I was ready for that issue with girls but having to beat DS to bathroom what most unexpected...

abouteve Sun 29-Jun-08 22:49:51

F knows for boys but for girls around 11.

sunnydelight Mon 30-Jun-08 08:59:04

DS1 started having a daily shower rather than a bath a few times a week once he started secondary school. He's now approaching 15 and I have to remind him that there are water restrictions here, otherwise he would cheerfully have two showers a day grin

sasquatch Mon 30-Jun-08 14:26:41

Hecate, I need that gasmask as it is now, ds stinketh and just laughs when I tell him he needs to wash. Roll on girls!

[not girls you apply underarm]

noddyholder Mon 30-Jun-08 14:38:45

My ds is 14 and I still have to tell him although he has a hair fixation and washes it a lot.Last week he was showering every morning for some reason and we thought there was a girl on the horizon but she must have disappeared because he is back to normal now ie stinky feet and filthy hands grin

fizzbuzz Tue 01-Jul-08 19:53:34

I'm still waitng for my ds not to need prompting. He's 14.............

maidamess Tue 01-Jul-08 19:55:26

My dd is 12 and washing is met with as much enthusiasm as pulling her toenails out with pliers

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