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16 year old boy

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isthispaybacktime Thu 26-Jun-08 23:42:34

hi there is there any one out there having a hard time like me with a 16 year old boy,i am absolutely devastated as nomally so close.

Pimmpom Fri 27-Jun-08 10:58:31

Hi, don't really have any advice but didn't want this to go unanswered. Has he just finished GCSE's? Just wondered if he has been stressed out with them.

TBH sounds perfectly normal, but hurtful for you. Hopefully just a phase and our lovely children will come back to us soon wink I'm sure if you are normally close, you will get this back again.

Hope things improve for you x

mumblechum Fri 27-Jun-08 11:00:07

Can you say a bit more about what's been going on, ie is he moody/stroppy/withdrawn/going off the rails?

Pimmpom Sun 29-Jun-08 19:12:14

Hi isthis, hope things are improving for you and you have had a good weekend x

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