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My 13 yr old daughter will talk to anyone ^but^ me...

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duchesse Thu 26-Jun-08 08:09:45

Normal or not normal?

Until a few weeks ago she was absolutely fine and chatty. And now, radio silence. It's driving me effing nuts.

themildmanneredjanitor Thu 26-Jun-08 08:11:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

duchesse Thu 26-Jun-08 16:22:55

I think she may be sulking because I told her she couldn't go to the party of a girl with whom she is not even friendly, who has invited the entire year, has been overheard saying "If everyone comes, I'll have £1000"(based on expected b/day money of £10/guest), and at which mildly alcoholic drinks are more than likely to be served and snogging attempted. I mean, FFS, she is barely 13. Anyway, so she is pissed off with me. (bovvered?)

mumeeee Sat 28-Jun-08 18:57:23

Normalo. Most teenagers go through a phase of not talking to their parents.

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