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What TV programmes do your 11-13 year olds watch?

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RosaLuxembunting Tue 24-Jun-08 18:17:28

OK, have managed to keep DD1 to a diet of CBBC up to now, but she will be 11 next month and off to secondary school in September so not for much longer.
What do your 11-13s watch and how do you supervise their viewing?

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 24-Jun-08 18:20:15

I don't really supervise viewing...ds (just 11) likes to watch Dr Who and The Simpsons but doesn't really follow anything else...he'll have the tv on as a background sometimes while he draws/reads/does other stuff...

MaureenMLove Tue 24-Jun-08 18:21:42

Disney channel mainly, when she's watching on her own. Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, Raven, all that sort of rubbish American school kids crap, which always has a good moral story at the end! grin I don't supervise at all if its Disney channel, but if she wants to watc tv in bed at the weekends, its different. She only has terrestrial TV and never very often suitable viewing for a 12 year old after Dr Who!

MsBombastic Tue 24-Jun-08 18:38:37

Mine is a DS, and nearly 13.

Watches Simpsons, Family Guy, Dr Who, The Gadget show, Brainiac, Top Gear.

But also enjoys Q.I. repeats, Have I got News for You, oh and Friends. These last three prompt a few interesting 'what is....' and 'why is that funny?' questions!

Am careful what he watches when younger sister is around. Our house is quite open plan, so am usually aware what he is watching but don't supervise as such except if homework needs doing first.

seeker Tue 24-Jun-08 18:47:24

My dd is 12. She doesn't watch much TV, but when she does, it's Simpsons, Friends, and family stuff like Strictly Come Dancing (and all the other programmes like that) and Dr Who.

If we're watching TV together, she likes Mary Queen of Shops, and she watched some of The Apprentice on Iplayer.

But she loves watching "little people's programmes" with her little brother too.

I do supervise - they aren't allowed to change channel without asking and I don't allow TVs in rooms.

seeker Tue 24-Jun-08 18:48:06

Oh, and how cold I have forgotten Top Gear!

pointydog Tue 24-Jun-08 19:08:59

We only have terrestrial which is rather limiting these days. SImpsons, dr who, all those awful talent show programmes.

I don't really have to supervise. Although they did watch hollyoaks for a while but I ended up thinking it wasn't suitable after one particular episode.

Quite a few kids at their school watch eatenders.

janeite Tue 24-Jun-08 19:18:53

DD2 11 year old - would watch Scooby Doo on a loop if we let her.

DD3 13 year old - Dr Who; Masterchef when it's on and Great British Menu; the Nancy programme when it was on; football at the moment.

maidamess Tue 24-Jun-08 19:21:01

My dd (12) watches.....

Friends Friends, friends, friends, friends.

Pimp My ride (!), X Factor etc etc

My Sweet Sixteen (terrible show about USA Brats organisisng their parties)

She loves cooking shows.

The Apprentice!

But thankfully not BB!

Sounds like she is very similar to others on here.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 24-Jun-08 19:28:37

yikes - I forgot Top Gear too !

RosaLuxembunting Tue 24-Jun-08 19:41:04

Oh yes, not entirely CBBC in our house, I forgot Dr Who and the Nancy/Strictly/Dancing on Ice obsession.

waycat Wed 25-Jun-08 06:21:13

My DS's (12 and 13) enjoy alot of the old stuff shown on channels like UK Gold, such as:

My Family


Open All Hours

Only Fools & Horses

They also like the Discovery channel with programs like Mythbusters, Deadliest Catch, etc..., and of course Dr Who and The Gadget Show.. We've been watching Supersizers which I believe is just coming to the end of the series, and we have also really enjoyed Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain. Very cultured we are, you know! wink

Of course, they still watch what I class as rubbish, like the cartoon channel, and not forgetting the football!

mumblechum Wed 25-Jun-08 08:58:22

Top Gear, Heroes, Apprentice, Simpsons, Friends, Dr Who

frogs Wed 25-Jun-08 09:09:29

Friends, friends, friends and friends. Argh. Conveniently to be found on a more-or-less permanent loop on one of the digital channels -- not sure which one, but my dd1 knows all too well.

Dr Who
The Simpsons
Wife Swap
Strictly come dancing.

She's not allowed to watch soaps (Eastenders etc) or Big Brother-type reality shows. We only have one (small) tv in the sitting room, so it's pretty easy to police.

seeker Wed 25-Jun-08 13:39:03

Another think mine BOTH love - (they are 7 and 12) is Whose Line is it Anyway. Dave is the best channel!

Milliways Wed 25-Jun-08 18:01:52

DS (12) but in Yr8 loves:

Top Gear
Gadget Show
The Apprentice
My Family

and probably loads that I can't think of...

waycat Thu 26-Jun-08 06:23:41

I agree with frogs in not allowing soaps. Mind you, my two DS's wouldn't be in the least bit interested in them anyway.

Good point, too, about just having one TV. We're the same, so we tend to watch alot of things together as a family which helps in keeping tabs on what they are watching.

RosaLuxembunting Thu 26-Jun-08 14:37:47

We only have one tv too. So if DD1 gets to watch Friends, so will DD2 and DD3.

MatildaM Sun 29-Jun-08 19:50:58

My DS1 is 12 and watches Malcolm in the Middle, Heroes, Top Gear,QI but only with an adult, Simpsons,Friends and football.
He hasn't got a TV in his bedroom unlike every other child I know. I would not let him watch soaps but I doubt he would be interested in them.
Actually I don't like him watching Top Gear as he is so impressionable but it's too late to ban it now.

janeite Sun 29-Jun-08 20:01:33

We also only have one TV. I won't let them watch soaps, or things like Casualty etc. I don't watch anything at all really, so they're not influenced by me; dp watches lots of sport, cookery programmes and news programmes, so I suspect they may be influenced by him a bit. I hate it when the TV is turned on just for the sake of it (dd2 is the biggest culpret here), so they are not allowed to watch anything without asking first.

Another thing they liked was Harry Hill's review of the week's TV but I don't think that's been on for a while.

mimsum Mon 30-Jun-08 23:27:31

ds is 11 - he doesn't actually watch much tv - we only have one in the house so it tends to be a shared experience

he likes watching Top Gear, Dr Who, Simpsons and the odd history/archaeology documentary and we bonded over the Apprentice which was acted as a springboard for all sorts of discussions about ethical behaviour etc

but actually his absolutely favourite programme (which I am under pain of death not to disclose to his friends grin) is Backyardigans

charliecat Mon 30-Jun-08 23:30:52

No telly, but gordon ramsays kitchen nightmares, grand designs and top gear on 4od/bbc iplayer.

artgirl73 Wed 09-Jul-08 16:33:43

My dd1, aged 12, likes to watch Dr Who, Top Gear, Neighbours (though we stick to just the one soap) and likes Friends and Scrubs re-runs. None of these are watched religiously though, apart from Neighbours, which I don't join her in, but we do like to have a girl's hour with Mary Queen of Shops.
She likes ANTM etc too, but I am cutting back on this sort of stuff on our TV, as I think it makes young teens far too image conscious.

artgirl73 Wed 09-Jul-08 16:35:35

... and how could i forget The Apprentice!

claricebeansmum Wed 09-Jul-08 16:37:37

Simpsons and Top Gear.

Bear Grylls

DD (10) now quite liking 10 years younger but in a eeeuuuuugggghhhh kind of way. She only watched it once by accident and had escaped bad.

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