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Would any one like something for free!

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Lulah Tue 24-Jun-08 08:25:19

I have 2 totally free alton tower tickets that can only be used on Monday 30th June and cannot use them.My teens are all either still in school or busy that day.
I will post them tonight to the first address that appears on this post. Enjoy

Milliways Tue 24-Jun-08 17:51:32

Ooh, I wish....

But, bumping for you

MaureenMLove Tue 24-Jun-08 17:56:25

I thought you were going to be giving your teenagers away for free! I was about to offer sympathy and maybe a swop! grin

No thanks for me either, I'm afraid.

Lulah Tue 24-Jun-08 18:37:13

How many teens do you have MML if its less than five might consider a swap! HA
Having asked everyone i can think of if they can use them mn is my last resort. If no one can use them never mind. Many son said e bay but i dont like that idea.Have you heard of freecycle anyone?

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