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Urgent help for embarrassed teen please!!!!

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SalVolatile Fri 20-Jun-08 19:46:41

DD1, nearly 13, is struggling with sweaty armpits and BO. Her worst fear is visible patches, so she wears a top to cover them which of course makes the problem worse for her sad. We have tried quite a range of deoderants without much success, including Mitchum. Does any kind MNer have experience of suggestions to offer us, and how soon is she likely to grow out of this stage please?

Many thanks

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 20-Jun-08 19:48:48

Not sure about how to stop it, but have you thought about giving her a pack of deodorant wipes to take with her, so that she can use these if she's feeling particularly hot/sweaty?

littleducks Fri 20-Jun-08 19:49:04

waxing underarms? have always found if i had hairy armpits it made sweating an issue, i wouldnt recommend shaving though

justjules Fri 20-Jun-08 19:49:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Yurtgirl Fri 20-Jun-08 19:52:22

Mitchum works best for me so I am at a loss as you have already tried that

Would a natural product work better perhaps?

VaginaShmergina Fri 20-Jun-08 19:55:18

My DD age 8 uses Mitchum, not sure if there are any other ones on the market tho. Is it worse at her time of the month, that is if she's started ?

mrspnut Fri 20-Jun-08 20:05:15

If she's tried mitchum and that isn't working then it might be worth visiting the GP.

One very good solution is using botox on the sweat glands but that is very extreme on someone so young but the GP can give more ideas including prescription only items and checking that all her glands are functioning as they should be.

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 20-Jun-08 20:09:25

What kind of fabrics is she wearing next to her skin? There are some manmade materials that I simply can't wear for this very reason.

hifi Fri 20-Jun-08 20:15:45

oh god been there, i found mitchum shite. i will rack my brains to what i used but basically it suppressed any sweat for a week at a time.let me go look.

CombustibleLemon Fri 20-Jun-08 20:16:11

You could try cutting out caffeine- it should help reduce sweating. Wiping armpits with alcohol will kill the bacteria that make the smell and remove the old deodorant, so that they are fresh before the new deodorant goes on.

hifi Fri 20-Jun-08 21:01:52

i did have patches from john lewis, put under pits no sweat marks, dont know if they still do them.
it was a major worry for me, no smell but huge puddles of sweat. have googled antiperspirants but the one i used hasnt come up.have seen it in local health food store so ill look.
dont underestimate how bad this can be, it dominated my life.

AMumInScotland Fri 20-Jun-08 21:15:25

When you say she's tried lots of deodorants, do you mean plain deodorants or anti-perspirants? Just that I was surprised as a teen to find out that a lot of the nice "body sprays" didn't actually contain anything to stop you sweating.

CombustibleLemon Fri 20-Jun-08 21:50:59

Found these at Boots. I don't know what they're like but maybe worth a try?

TequilaMockinBird Fri 20-Jun-08 21:53:31

I suffer quite badly from this and get Anhydrol Forte which is prescribed by the doctor. It's a roll-on which you put on at night and wash off in the morning, its excellent but not sure if it can be prescribed for children?


SalVolatile Fri 20-Jun-08 22:09:44

Thank you all - I love you soo much grin. Hifi - you are right - it is dominating her life at present. She doesn't drink coffee and hasn't started her periods yet ( probably not long to go, though). Will this stage last long, do you think?

choccypig Fri 20-Jun-08 22:12:27

I suffered from sweaty armpits from teenage until about 35, when I used BFs antiperspirant. Now I always use Gillette clear stuff.

Lubyloo Fri 20-Jun-08 22:15:24

This is very effective. You put it on at night. DH used it a couple of years ago for a while. It really worked.

windygalestoday Fri 20-Jun-08 22:18:01

there was a girl at my school called karen extremely beautiful yet she she hd similar probs it was never a big deal for her though and certainly didnt mess her social life up ....i think you can buy some sort of stone thing that you rub on??

hifi Sat 21-Jun-08 11:11:03

found it

hifi Sat 21-Jun-08 11:12:29

my problem lasted about a year, early teens, i tried everything and the above product seemed to be the only thing that worked. good luck!

chocolatespiders Sat 21-Jun-08 11:16:08

you can buy the triple dry in boots....
it will be with other expensive ones.. which may be worth looking at....
i used to use arrid cream when i was a teen but not sure they still do it

skeletonbones Sat 21-Jun-08 11:16:26

I had overacrtive swaet glads as a teen, and always had huge wet patches under my arms at the end of the day and also permininetly damp hands. I used to use the over night prepersation others have mentioned which was prescribed by the doctor. it worked briiliant and I actually grew out of the exessive sweating when i was approx 16 and no longer needed to use it.

ALMazing Sat 21-Jun-08 18:54:23

You have probably tried this brand but DH can be rather sweaty and he uses my Dove Fresh Range anti perspirant (for women grin) and never has a problem now. This is a big sweaty man who speed walks to miles to work every day. Might be worth trying if you haven't already.

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