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WIsh me luck...'m gonna need it.

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Tortington Fri 20-Jun-08 16:09:41

We are expecting long stay guests from tomorrow evening. they will be staying in the double bedroom which is curently ds2's

i am not overly arsey about teenagers rooms, it they like to live in shit - theats their business - i do occasionally send them scouting for pots when i run out grin

i hope this has created a 'shithole' impression - becuase that is exactly what it is.

2 days ago i asked him to tidy his room

he pottered about and made no real effort. So i went up and said sternly and loudly - but not screaming or ranting - that the room needs to be done.

i am then faced with a barrage of abuse. - i tell him he is grounded this weekend and leave.

I ask dh jto tell him to tidy his room as i wish to have no further dealings with him until he apoligises.

the room - gets to a point where the carpet is visible.

this isn't the same as tidy.

Now dh is away helping to ferry our guests - he shall be driving over 700 miles in two days.

I have the rest of the house to tidy - and i am knacked. ( i wsahed winders, cleaned fridge seals and everything!!)

i have givenhim time to wind down from school- it is mocks week - i can hear a film playing.

I seriously havent got the time to sit on his bed reading a book ( like whats i used to do when he was 6)angry

i havent said a word to him for 2 days - it's not something i would advocate to other mumsnetters grin and i know i should go up and alk to him rationally, make him see myside, give an incentive, play on his heart strings a little by explaining our guests predicament

but i just want to rip his head off and shit down his neck.

i am about toturn off games consoles, tv's and puter.


poshwellies Fri 20-Jun-08 16:13:42

understand your pain..good luck with it

aGalChangedHerName Fri 20-Jun-08 16:15:07

Been there,done that.......

Good luck!!

ladystardust Fri 20-Jun-08 16:17:43

Full total and complete empathy and understanding.
Now breathe deeply....

Eek! No advice.
Last time I removed all electronic equipment dd left home.
Still hasn't come back.....

You can't appeal to his better nature - they probably don't have one, do they?


Perhaps pleading? Go on, make it about you. you don't want your friends to sleep in a room that you wouldn't want to sleep in -perhaps not - they'll end up in your room.


Hassled Fri 20-Jun-08 16:29:06

You are one brave woman.

BetteNoire Fri 20-Jun-08 16:31:20

Go for it, custy! grin

bigcar Fri 20-Jun-08 20:32:05

Howd it go? You have my deepest sympathies, I can't figure dd1 out at all! Seriously impressed with fridge seal cleaning, have you polished the roof tiles yet? grin

Tortington Fri 20-Jun-08 23:20:17

i didn't raise my voice once. At one stage i found him quite intimidating actually but i never raised my voice or said any thing out of turn.

i removed his computer - the base unit is infront of me.

Each time he left the room to piss about i went in and took something else. i took the x box and hid it in the airing cupboard.

i took the stereo - and had a bath listening to 'gold' music from the 60 -80's fantastic.

i came down to find him on DH's computer - i told him to remove himself.

he turned the telly on

I turned it off

he cleaned his room and finished hoovering at gone 10pm

thats over 4 hours.

in total

2 days and 4 hours.

when finished he asked if he could have his computer back

i declined

i had ordered pizza

he gave me his pepperoni grin - that might be an olive branch in his book

i want a verbal apology.

dh phoned and is not happy.

i don't think i am going to return his computer, if i do i think i will cancel his subsciption to a game he has.

this behaviour is unacceptable - he might not mean to be intimidating but i was close to tears

BetteNoire Sat 21-Jun-08 00:47:55

sad that you felt intimidated, custy.
the pepperoni offering is a good sign though. smile

bigcar Sat 21-Jun-08 13:18:01

I'm seriously impressed custy! I find it so hard to keep my composure, I don't know about counting to ten, more like 1000! Hope your guests appreciated the effort.

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