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MSN... tell me all I need to know!

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fortyplus Thu 19-Jun-08 23:55:37

ds1 aged 14 has had a Facebook profile for a while. He rarely uses it and has asked if he can have an msn account as all his friends use it. He's not the type to spend hours on it - he'll probably go on it for the odd hald an hour after he's done his homework - or more on a wet weekend.

The computer is in a family room so minimal worries about dodgy contacts - he's pretty sensible anyway.

Should I let him have it? What does it cost?

Thanks, oh wise ones! smile

Ledodgy Fri 20-Jun-08 00:03:03

It's free all it is is an instant messenger service that will allow him to chat to his friends whilst he is online. He will add his friends emails and they will add his if someone adds him who he doesn't want on his he can decline their request,

fortyplus Fri 20-Jun-08 00:08:39

Oh - thanks for that - he seemed to think he had to pay. Do you have a link to it so I can have a look?

Ledodgy Fri 20-Jun-08 00:10:24

I assume he means this?

fortyplus Fri 20-Jun-08 00:15:36

That looks right - thank you! smile

I'll show him tomorrow.

Ledodgy Fri 20-Jun-08 00:25:02


Threadwormm Fri 20-Jun-08 07:01:29

DS1 has just started using this and I'm clueless about it. Only people that he's given his addresss to can contact him, and he can only contact people who have given him their address? Is that right? So he's not being opened up to a whole load of contacts with strangers?

potoftea Fri 20-Jun-08 09:20:09

My teens use MSN as an alternative to texting. If they are making arrangements to go somewhere, they go on MSN and chat about it, and are always on it when they come home from an outing; to chat about the night I guess. Handier for me as it's not costing me whereas phone calls would.
Have not heard of any negative opinions about MSN, unlike Bebo.

Threadwormm Fri 20-Jun-08 09:40:41

Thanks potoftea. That's helpful.

Hermit Fri 20-Jun-08 13:33:51

I think it depends how they use it. Your ds sounds sensible, but a while ago I allowed my niece access while she was visiting - she left it open by accident and I was shocked at the language and content of the few messages I saw - she was 10 at the time!

Tortington Fri 20-Jun-08 15:59:38

also you can record messages on MSN - you have to tick this in one of the menus

its worth doing!

Tortington Fri 20-Jun-08 15:59:41

also you can record messages on MSN - you have to tick this in one of the menus

its worth doing!

Ledodgy Fri 20-Jun-08 19:27:27

Oh yeah, good call Custardo! You have to tick record msn history or something like that.

crkm Sat 21-Jun-08 14:09:33

you can also read all msn conversations as they are all stored on the computer anyway. dont need their password or anything. i check dd's messages from time to time and if she is acting sus!! feel a lot happier knowing i can check anytime!! she had dodgy chats with a lad - quite sexual - from him not her. i tell her i can and will check if i am not happy!!

jammi Sat 21-Jun-08 14:22:35

Message withdrawn

SantaBarbara Sat 21-Jun-08 15:21:50

My dcs all use it, and I haven't encountered any problems.
A benefit that is worth mentioning is that msn makes it really easy for them to keep in touch with far-flung cousins, friends in the States and so on. They'd never write letters, not a chance, but with msn they can maintain long-distance friendships.

mumeeee Sat 21-Jun-08 17:42:02

DD2 and DD3 use MSN a lot and we haven't had any problems. They sometimes speak to their cousins on it.

cheeryface Sat 21-Jun-08 17:54:10

how do you check the conversations then ?

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