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Advice pls, I'm taking my 12 year old nephew on holiday...

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BTKsmum Sun 15-Jun-08 21:57:32

to spain with my mil, my parents and my two boys who are 6 and 2.

How much freedom should I give him, I don't want to appear to be a complete dinosaur by not letting him go anywhere on his own, but having the responsibility for him is going to scare me witless :D

Any advice on the mysteries of a pre teen would be greatly appreciated.


maidamess Sun 15-Jun-08 21:58:51

I wouldn't let a 12 year old wander about in a foreign contry. He may pal up with some kids on the beach, and can go off with them while you are there, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with him going to far away. And he's not even mine!

Bubble99 Sun 15-Jun-08 22:02:49

Depends on how streetwise he is.

A walk from the beach to the ice cream stall nearby and back again during the day would be my limit.

No way would I let him out on his own at night. Make sure you check with his parents as to what he's doing at the moment as he may tell you that he does X,Y and Z at home, when he doesn't.

SantaBarbara Sun 15-Jun-08 22:25:20

Agree with bubble to find out from his parents what he's allowed at the moment.

Also share the responsibility for him with the other three adults going on the holiday -one or two of them must be his gp(s) so will know him well.

jammi Sun 15-Jun-08 22:50:49

Message withdrawn

BTKsmum Mon 16-Jun-08 11:31:21

Thank you for the advice, you've echoed what i was thinking, but its so hard to tell these days.

His mum is very liberal with him, and allows him a long leash, certainly longer than I would allow, which is what made me ask.

Eek something new to learn with every age group isn't there :D


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