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ds scared me today.......why should people care how he dresses

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2shoes Sat 14-Jun-08 22:24:12

something came on the news about the town we live in. it was about a fasion show. fasion person said that this town accepts all fasions.
he said to his dad"oh yeah that is why people shout goth at me and spit"
now after that poor girl who was murdered for being a goth. that scared me.
why are young people like this?
were we like it?

PinkTulips Sat 14-Jun-08 22:52:28

christ shock

definitely got non of that when i was a goth/metal/punk type teenager.

why would anyone have anything against goths? it's not like they go out starting fights or getting in peoples faces. they tend to mope about with their mates talking about music, clothes and phsychology ime

2shoes Sat 14-Jun-08 23:08:39

he isn't even a goth. wears bla and band t shirts(mettalica,Iron maiden type)

PinkTulips Sat 14-Jun-08 23:20:03

so a bit of a metaler.

even if he had a face full of piercings and half a foot of black eyeliner around each eye being spat at would be a bit much though wouldn't it.

what type of area is it? lots of chavvy types? because they were the only ones who seemed to take personal offence to goths where i grew up.... but even then i was never spat at

sad your poor ds... everyone is entitled to express themselves in the way they dress.

2shoes Sat 14-Jun-08 23:29:47

a lot of "chav's" round here. tbh I am proud that he has chosen his own style rather than going with the easy option( and the music is better)

PinkTulips Sat 14-Jun-08 23:31:54

lol, that's for sure.

good for him for being brave enough to be his own person. it really sucks that he has to suffer for it though.

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