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Teen nights in nightclubs

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gingernuts Sat 14-Jun-08 14:33:42

Does anyone allow their 12 year old to go to teen nights at their local nightclub? My dd is 12.5, I think she is still too young for this and there will plenty of time for this in another year or so. Apparently she is the only one in her class who isn't allowed to go (heard that one before!). I don't want to be a party pooper, but it does worry me.

abouteve Sat 14-Jun-08 14:37:52

Yes, I would check with other parents re the only one not allowed.

I would have let my 12 year old go to such an event. Where we live there is no where that does this and the teens only have the park to hang around with each other in.

Would arrange to pick up though to keep an eye on things.

gingernuts Sat 14-Jun-08 14:44:52

Thanks abouteve, yes maybe I'm worrying unnecessarily. As you say, better than hanging around in the park. Perhaps part of me doesn't want to stir myself to collect her late in the evening (a 20 minute drive from home)wink

Tinkerisdead Sat 14-Jun-08 14:50:19

i used to work in a club and we held teen nights, it truly is like a youth club where they seem to hang around in same sex groups steering clear from one another with music blaring. only the older girls ever seemed to dance. was quite sweet to watch really!

gingernuts Sat 14-Jun-08 15:01:07

Thanks DoctorsWife, that's quite reassuring. It is meant to be for under 18's and I guess realistically that means under 16's. I just wasn't sure how well supervised they are. Perhaps I will surprise her and let her go around her 13th birthday, sort of right of passage.

mumeeee Sat 14-Jun-08 18:37:36

I think 12 is to young for teensnights in night clubs. There are these events around here but they are for over 14's.

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 14-Jun-08 18:46:02

I went to a few when I was 15, which was 10 years ago, and I don't think I personally would have been comfortable going any younger.
I found it a bit daunting even at 15 and I have always been outgoing. There was a lot of 'my mate wants to know if you will snog him' going on.
I was not allowed to go till I was 15 even though it was 14-18 years.

Kbear Sat 14-Jun-08 18:58:01

ah, heady memories of teenscene at Flicks, our local joint!! I think I was more like 15 though. 12 is a bit young I think.

gingernuts Sun 15-Jun-08 15:38:41

oooh, now I'm back where I started, I thought 12 was too young!

TeeBee Mon 16-Jun-08 11:45:16

I used to go to these kind of nights when I was that age - and my mum was definitely of the more strict variety. She used to make sure she picked us up at a pre-arranged time outside. There was no alcohol and no dodgy business was allowed to go on inside the club - it would not be worth their while! To be honest, most of my mates were glad of a lift home. It was relatively innocent and much better than hanging around the streets.

WenchConnection Mon 16-Jun-08 11:50:10

My 12 year old sister goes to these. She has to be dropped off by my mum, as the first night she went she went to a friends house beforehand and borrowed a mini skirt, boots and makeup.

My mum still makes me laugh when she recounts the horror on her face seeing her little girl in full tart regalia outside a club.

My mum now insists on picking her up and dropping her off, not cool, but certainly safe.

Some of her friends are allowed to take the bus home, oh no.

gingernuts Mon 16-Jun-08 17:41:28

Good point Wench, will make mental note to see her actually enter said nightclub in approved outfit when the time comes grin

lazymumofteenagesons Mon 16-Jun-08 18:33:22

If its any consolation my 16 year old son wouln't be seen dead at a teens only night, that age group want the real thing. Although advertised for teenagers the age group is more likely to be 11-14. They are very strict about no alcohol, which is another reason the older teens dont go.

gingernuts Mon 16-Jun-08 18:59:03

I suspected that would be the case lazymum, simply not cool to be at a teen night after a certain age I guess. I'm wavering and thinking she could maybe go in a month or two when I've got used to the idea. DH would like to keep her locked up though

DirtySexyMummy Mon 16-Jun-08 19:08:57

Also as a bit of reassurance - only under 16's are permitted into under 18 nights in most clubs.

Its actually part of the licensing, it is easier to get a license for under 16's, but easier to advertise as under 18's (more appealing)

So, there wonn't be 17 and 18yo lads. Doubtful many 16yo's would want to go either, its normally mostly 12-14's really.

Agree with DoctorsWife as well, she is right.

gingernuts Mon 16-Jun-08 19:17:42

Thank you all so much for helping to put this into perspective for me. I really appreciate all the advice.

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