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ds gone to download advice needed please

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kiddiz Thu 12-Jun-08 13:53:47

My ds has gone to Download. I thought he had organised the time off with college...he assured me he had arranged to catch up the work he would miss.
I've just had a phone call from college wanting to know if he's ok as he has not been in all week shock. He was supposed to have gone back on Monday after his AS exams.

I'm angry and sad all at the same time. I can't contact him as his mobile has suddenly conveniently stopped working.

What would you do in my position? Can't really do much till he gets back I suppose.

Blandmum Thu 12-Jun-08 13:56:35

We have started teaching the A2 curriculum with out sixth form students

TheProvincialLady Thu 12-Jun-08 13:59:03

Well that doesn't sound very useful MBgrin

Serious chat when he gets back re truthfulness and trust, and your supporting him financially whilst he does his A Levels. Make him aware that if he is not doing A Levels he would need a full time job and to pay board etc.

Not that any of it worked with me when my parents said itblush If your DS is doing well otherwise then I wouldn't worry too much.

Wisteria Thu 12-Jun-08 14:00:24

wait until he gets back and tell college what he's done - they can deal with it and then if you want to you can ground him/ remove his stereo/ tv etc etc....

bear in mind though there's no point grounding him until he has some money again - he'll be skint after download and not wanting to go out anyway, so I'd wait until he has some funds to be pissed of about grin

Wisteria Thu 12-Jun-08 14:00:57


kiddiz Thu 12-Jun-08 14:02:08

Thats why I'm angry/ worried Mb. I thought he was only missing two days and had organised to catch up the work....Now I find he hasn't been back since he finished his As exams. He had been doing really well. Got 2 As and a B in the exams he did in January.

TheProvincialLady Thu 12-Jun-08 14:03:24

Do people really ground/remove the stereos of 17 year olds? He is very nearly an adult and you wouldn't deal with an adult's behaviour in that way. Not criticising, just seriously wondering.

Blandmum Thu 12-Jun-08 14:54:14

I'd let the school know what he's been up to

kiddiz Thu 12-Jun-08 16:27:20

Mb the sixth form college know now!!!!As I wasn't aware they didn't know where he was when they rang to see if he was ok I told them where he'd gone. I have now rung back and organised a meeting with his tutor for next week. That will be a nice surprise for him when he gets home grin
I've calmed down a bit now....I will save my fury for Sunday. So if you hear rumours of an earthquake in the north west it will just be me when ds gets home!!!!
TheProvincialLady...the thought of grounding my 6ft 2", 12 stone, nearly 18 year old who towers over me is an interesting one!!I would not be able to stop him from going out if he wanted to.
It is out of character for him. I actually paid for his ticket as an early birthday present too. Am I a mug or what?

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