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School swimming gala and periods - please help!

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overthehill Wed 11-Jun-08 22:24:00

My dd is 12 and recently started her periods. She's been using Natracare organic cotton pads, which have been fine so far and which I used as I never got on with tampons. This evening she burst into tears and said that they have a swimming gala on Friday for 2 hours and she wasn't going to be able to do it as her period had started yesterday evening. Swimming is the only sport she's got any aptitude for and she's really upset about the thought of not being able to participate. I suggested that her period might be light enough so that she could just take off her towel beforehand and put it on after, but they have communal changing rooms so that would be tricky. In the book I gave her about periods there was an example where a girl said she liked using tampons so that she could go swimming and dd homed in on this. I did think about buying some tomorrow so that she could try them out - but she seems very young for them, there's not much time for her to practise and I'd want to buy the organic ones, which don't come in a mini size. What would folks advise: should I buy some with and/or without an applicator, should I stick with plan A whereby she takes the towel off before she goes in or should I tell her she'll have to miss it?

onepieceoflollipop Wed 11-Jun-08 22:27:13

I always found applicator tampons much easier and definitely mini/slender size. Could you bear to buy non-organic just in the short term for her to try?

I would worry about Plan A but that's my personal opinion. Could be embarrassing if the period is not as light as you think. An added worry for her - especially if for some reason there is a delay from changing room to getting into the water. Sounds like she is keen to try tampons so why not let her have a go?

Ledodgy Wed 11-Jun-08 22:28:21

I'm the opposite i've always found the non-applicator types better. I get her a pack of each and let her try them both.

Ledodgy Wed 11-Jun-08 22:28:28


ChasingSquirrels Wed 11-Jun-08 22:29:10

I think if she wants to try tampons you should let her - I used them from my first (or second) period, I think I was 11/12 when they started.
I have NO IDEA about organic etc, I always used tampax.
Probably not enough time for Fri - but for the future what about a mooncup? They are fantastic.

onepieceoflollipop Wed 11-Jun-08 22:31:41

Yes I nearly suggested a mooncup as something to consider in the future. Ime very easy to insert even if flow is light.

I found tampons quite easy from a fairly early age. I think the trick is to be relaxed, and if she is keen to try them and is motivated as it means she will be able to join the swimming, that is positive.

overthehill Wed 11-Jun-08 22:43:20

Ok, it sounds as though the consensus so far is that she should try tampons, and I'm happy to buy her a packet of both applicator and non-applicator ones. Anyone think that standard size would be OK as I am keen on the organic ones?? Or perhaps I should buy some slender ones as well, in which case I think she'd be up most of tomorrow night trying them all out!

overthehill Wed 11-Jun-08 22:43:23

Ok, it sounds as though the consensus so far is that she should try tampons, and I'm happy to buy her a packet of both applicator and non-applicator ones. Anyone think that standard size would be OK as I am keen on the organic ones?? Or perhaps I should buy some slender ones as well, in which case I think she'd be up most of tomorrow night trying them all out!

overthehill Wed 11-Jun-08 22:43:55

Sorry, I pressed it twice by mistake!

ChasingSquirrels Wed 11-Jun-08 22:45:15

I would probably go for slender tbh.

ravenAK Wed 11-Jun-08 22:45:35

Buy her a choice of Lillets & Tampax to try tomorrow (in time for Friday).

I'm with you on the whole organic thing (in fact I use washables much of the time), but on this occasion, the thing for her to get her head around is inserting tampons if she wants to give it a go.

I used tampons from first period, no problem.

ravenAK Wed 11-Jun-08 22:47:16

sorry, x-posted!

mylovelymonster Wed 11-Jun-08 22:47:55

I've used the Natracare tampons (just for swimming) and I thought they were really good and easy to use/comfy.

bellabelly Wed 11-Jun-08 22:50:26

I started my periods very young and used tampax from the start - aged 10. If she is keen to try them you should definitely let her give it a go and maybe encourage her to move onto organic type ones later on IF she wants to do so.

overthehill Wed 11-Jun-08 23:11:25

Thanks to all the people who've replied so far; any more opinions would be appreciated. Interesting to hear that you liked Natracare, mylovelymonster; it's just that I worry about chemicals inside the body, toxic shock syndrome etc - but it looks as though slender organic ones aren't made, so I guess she'll just have to try and range of products.

mumblechum Thu 12-Jun-08 10:23:15

I think toxic shock is incredibly rare and it would be much less stressful for your dd if she could just use normal tampons.

Good luck to her for Fri!

mylovelymonster Thu 12-Jun-08 14:30:04

I've read that Junior tampons are made with a very light absorbancy - probably not easily available...........I think Tampax do a 'Light' absorbancy one but seems only available in a mixed multipack.........they do minis as well which are reg absorbancy but slim.

Toxic shock is very rare and caused by a bacterial bloom generating toxins.

Use of tampons every now and then for swimming , whatever make, I'm sure would be no problem at all.

onepieceoflollipop Thu 12-Jun-08 14:50:17

Toxic shock (afaik) is more associated with poor hygiene and using a higher absorbency than necessary. Also wearing a tampon for many hours without changing it. Also as others have said it is incredibly rare.

I am sure you will already be advising your daughter re good hygiene, i.e. handwashing before insertion, changing very regularly etc. There is further information in the leaflet inside every box of tampons.

Hope she does well at the swimming gala - probably best not to say to her that you have been discussing this with us all on mnet! grin

figroll Thu 12-Jun-08 15:11:46

This is interesting as my dd2 is desperately keen on swimming and swims 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes more.

I was planning on getting her some tampons to try - tampax minis I thought of. I just hope that she can manage them.

MrsTittleMouse Thu 12-Jun-08 15:16:17

I can remember this really clearly. There was a bit outing to the swimming pool and I was given tampons for the first time, and I was struggling so much, and my Mum was outside the toilet trying to hurry me up.
I would recommend getting applicator and non-applicator (I liked non, but it's a very personal thing). I would also recommend getting her some KY jelly (or similar). I found that a small blob on the end of the tampon really helped, and didn't affect the absorbancy. As it won't be her heaviest day, I would recommend it even more.

MrsTittleMouse Thu 12-Jun-08 15:17:06

Oh, and practising beforehand a couple of times would be great. Much better than what I went through!

onepieceoflollipop Thu 12-Jun-08 15:18:50

Good advice from MrsTittlemouse.

I would also reassure your dd that it is normal to use quite a few tampons whilst "experimenting" as it can be hard to get the angle right iykwim.

She may want to put the tampon in at home, in the comfort of your own loo rather than feeling rushed at the pool.

MrsTittleMouse Thu 12-Jun-08 15:30:24

Thank you lollipop.
The other thing that I did wrong - she does know to push back, not up, right? I had no clue and boy, it was painful! blush

onepieceoflollipop Thu 12-Jun-08 15:34:55

There used to be (probably still is) a little picture diagram in the box advising of the angle to push it in.

stealthsquiggle Thu 12-Jun-08 15:39:44

Not sure about other brands but I am sure there is still a leaflet in every box of Tampax which shows angle, advises on easiest way to put it in, etc - I used them from 1st/2nd period, I am sure.

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