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Post-GCSE jobs. Any recommendations

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BathshebaE Wed 11-Jun-08 18:41:34

Does anyone have any good ideas for employment in London for a DD aged 16? She won't be available for the whole summer so cannot work "full time". She's happy to do more or less anything.

girlnextdoor Fri 13-Jun-08 08:36:31

Only the usual stuff- shops, supermarkets, babysitting, waitressing might be worth trying for. It might be a problem that she is not 18- rules out pubs and anywhere licensed, unless she is washing up etc. Maybe she could try to get work locally by advertising in shop windows- looking after pets or plants etc if people are on holiday?

Habbibu Fri 13-Jun-08 08:37:56

Local council playschemes?

girlnextdoor Fri 13-Jun-08 13:01:06

council playschemes Think you need to be over 18 ( worked on them myself as a student) and you'd also need to be CRB checked- takes too long. and you need to get in early- our local council was recruiting in March/April.

BathshebaE Fri 13-Jun-08 14:20:27

Thanks, all. I'll go through the options with her when she gets back home after celebrating (in a reasonable way!) the last GCSE...

Evenstar Fri 13-Jun-08 23:24:43

If she can't work full time sometimes there are events where they need litter pickers, catering staff etc, my daughter aged almost 16 has an interview in a couple of weeks. They are paying a good rate too £7 an hour which is very good for her age, it is only 6 days work, but it might be worth getting a local paper and looking through the job page.

ButterflyMcQueen Fri 13-Jun-08 23:26:25

good advice evenstar

we are finding ds being still 15 is an issue

girlnextdoor Sun 15-Jun-08 17:12:07

she will find it nigh impossible if she is 15. her best bet is to do something herself- baby sitting, nannying etc or looking after pets- that can be quite well paid if people have lots of animals! My daughter often used to look after 2 lots of pets and it paid quite a lot.

TheTeaspoonLady Sun 15-Jun-08 17:14:54

I used to waitress at the tennis tournaments.

3littlefrogs Sun 15-Jun-08 17:15:06

If she is 16 and 3 months, Waitrose is a fantastic employer.

Anna8888 Sun 15-Jun-08 17:21:42

Dog-walking, cleaning, babysitting, shopping for the old/infirm

brimfull Sun 15-Jun-08 17:39:16

my dd has interview for waitrose

they take on loads of post gcse students

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sun 15-Jun-08 18:11:53

ds1 passed his life-saving course and worked as a pool lifeguard. Pretty good money for a 16 year old and a good life skill. ds2 did a footie refs course and does that at the weekends, again not bad pay (around £18 for 90 minutes) much better than minimum wage. Again good skills for adulthood - not getting punched on the nose is a good result lol! He's stacking shelves too in our local Bargain Booze two evenings a week....has more surplus cash than I do hmm

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