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Mnetters i trust you to do the right thing. vote here.

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Tortington Sat 24-May-08 21:50:51

am sat next to my 15 yo dd,

just for a laugh, but quite serious in that i know all yo SENSIBLE MUMMIES will chose the right thing

the story:

DD wants to go to a Manga conference in LONDON in October. she is 15. She will be going with DS's GF who is 18 and her friends also 18

stopping overnight.

dd things i am a " an untrusting mother, who needs to know that her daughter is maturer than her age"

i said "no fucking way"

you choose.

* i have final say anyway grin

c'mon she's sat right here

mybrainaches Sat 24-May-08 21:52:23

Not a cat in hells chance.........sorry custardo's dd but mum knows bestsmile

foxinsocks Sat 24-May-08 21:52:25

OK <shows age> What is a Manga conference <no sniggering from the 15 yr old please>?

expatinscotland Sat 24-May-08 21:53:32

No way.

misdee Sat 24-May-08 21:53:38

how old wil lshe in october?

does it interfer with college time?

will the older ones be drinking?

how are they getting there?

would a hotel/motel let rooms to a group of teenagers anyway?

how far away is it?

geekgirl Sat 24-May-08 21:53:58

depends on the older girls - how trustworthy and mature are they? I have cousins who are that age and I would trust them to look after one of my children - but then they are really very unusually sensible.

I wouldn't let her go if the other two are just ordinary teenagers. What about clubbing, bars etc.?

Dottydot Sat 24-May-08 21:54:01

It has to be a no - sorry Custy's 15 year old dd....

Tortington Sat 24-May-08 21:54:22

dd says " manga and anime is technically Japanese comics and movies, many people have interests in them - and mum doesn't know best Mrs silly other person!"

JackieNo Sat 24-May-08 21:54:41

I'd be saying no too, I'm afraid.

hatrick Sat 24-May-08 21:54:42

Message withdrawn

Dottydot Sat 24-May-08 21:55:08

(To Custy's dd)But you might be able to screw some compensation out of her - like a night out/guilt money etc. grin

queen2shoes Sat 24-May-08 21:55:14

I would say no
trouble is I have met you and know you are pretty easy going. so tbh if you said no I think you must have good reason.
I wouldn't have been happy with ds doing that at 15.

misdee Sat 24-May-08 21:55:47

you see for me, london is not far. at 15 i took my 13year old sister to a london concert on the train and tube on my own and travelled back alone as well.

Tortington Sat 24-May-08 21:56:25

how old wil lshe in october?

still 15

does it interfer with college time?

school - no

will the older ones be drinking?

even if they said no - they would be lying!

how are they getting there?


would a hotel/motel let rooms to a group of teenagers anyway?


how far away is it?

60 miles

tissy Sat 24-May-08 21:56:32

hysterical laughter.....

"You want to do what??????"

more hysterical laughter........

misdee Sat 24-May-08 21:57:18

do they have to stay overnight?

trefusis Sat 24-May-08 21:57:24

Message withdrawn

Tortington Sat 24-May-08 21:58:14

yes 2 day conference

dd says she only likes misdee grin

GoodGollyMissMolly Sat 24-May-08 21:58:40

I'd say yes, but DD is only 6mo so what would I know grin

Asked DH, He said no way not a cat in hells chance grin

tissy Sat 24-May-08 21:58:53

having said that, at fifteen I took my 13 yr old brother by train to Spain via Paris.
BUT I was super-sensible, spoke french almost fluently, and my brother was a bit of a bruiser.

I'd be more worried by the 18 yr-olds, tbh

wonderstuff Sat 24-May-08 21:59:34

Depends on ds's gf i think. I went to london with a friend when I was 16 (and so was friend) and stayed overnight in youth hostel, was quite shocked that my mum allowed me to go tbh, but we were really well behaved because we knew if we drunk or messed it up in any way our mothers would be soo disappointed which is so much worse than when they are cross, felt very grown up

WendyWeber Sat 24-May-08 21:59:49

DS2 and a friend, both aged 15, are going to the V festival (the Stafford one) in August, thanks to the court of mumsnet - is this manga thing very different? (OK, V isn't London, but there will be lots of substances shock)

misdee Sat 24-May-08 22:00:20

but does she have to go for both days?

could one day suffice and travel back in the evening? phone call when getting on the train and one before her stop so she is met?

not sure i could do overnight at 15, even with 18year olds, but would be fine with travelling into and out of london at that age. was very good at navigating the tube and trains at 15.

Carmenere Sat 24-May-08 22:00:51

I'm going to say YES. Because when I was your age my older brothers and sisters used to bring me out with them. Now they did not look after me properly but, bloody hell, I had a good timewink.
I think that if you totally promise to behave and, if anything goes wrong, and I mean anything, you ring Custy.
You must have enough money to get a black cab home(or where ever you are staying) just in case and if anyone offers you drugs you just politely decline and go home immediately.

hatrick Sat 24-May-08 22:00:53

Message withdrawn

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