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In a quandry about MMR - now DS might have mumps

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mears Thu 13-Jan-05 10:39:31

Some of you might remember me querying what to do about letter advisung 17yr DS to have MMR because he didn't get a booster as a toddler as it had only just been introduced. Anyway, I had phoned surgery to see about getting his immunity checked. Was advised to call back to speak to practice nurse but I couldn't phne when she was available. Didn't want him to have unnecessry vaccination.
Anyway, for past 3 days DS has felt he was developing tonsillitis. Had a few white patches on them, felt rotten etc. He has been taking paracetamol and nurofen. Last night he could hardly hear so I gave him sudafed. His neck is swollen but his tonsills actually look OK. His ear is really painful this morning.I am now thinking he has possibly got mumps and I feel bad for not having sorted this out earlier. Am taking him to the doctors at 11.15am this morning. Just wanted to have a moan really 'cause I feel guilty now.

Marina Thu 13-Jan-05 10:41:55

Don't feel guilty mears - this is a combination of bad luck, circumstance and unlucky timing. It happens to all mothers (well deffo this one).
Hope he is not too poorly with it - could it be a monster ear infection, rather than mumps?

Angeliz Thu 13-Jan-05 10:44:30

Mears, i'm still up in the air as to whether to give dd measles booster and she's been quite poorly and sensitive to light, streaming eyes ect for a few days, (she's fine now so i know it's not) but i though 'Oh my God, what if it's measles and it's my fault', so i know what you mean.
I really wouldn't blame yourself whateever the outcome, i totally agreed with you at the time. IMO, they don't know what the long term effects are of all these vaccines and all you wanted to do was see if he actually needed it. Should he have mumps then all it's down to is bad timing IMO.

Hope he hasn't+++++

mears Thu 13-Jan-05 12:22:19

Just back from GP. DS has tonsillitis and a raging ear (left) infection. Has been given erythromycin.

WE had a discussion about him getting MMR and my concerns about him getting an unecessary vaccination. GP was very good in that he said cost is not an issue about testing his immunity, but he would need to find out more, such as what test to actually ask for! He only had a record of him having 2 vaccinations. One for measles and one for MMR. I am sure he has had another measles one when he was little but couldn't swear on it, but I definately know he had a measles booster at the academy. So he has already had 3 measles vaccines. I am not keen for him to have another just to cover him for mumps.
I have to give GP a week to find out more. It is simple really. If he is already immune he doesn't need anything. Wouldn't like him to get mumps in the interim though. Decisions, decisions.
GP ofcourse correctly said it is DS's decision. What did he want to do. DS said he would rather know...good boy

Angeliz Thu 13-Jan-05 12:24:34

mears, with dd they just tested her levels for all three M-M-R even though she hadn't had mumps vaccine.
Funnily enough though she does have antibodies to mumps!

Glad to hear it's not mumps

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