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DD(13) has just pierced her ears with a disappointed in her, please give me some reassurance!

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jura Sat 10-May-08 12:32:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kama Sat 10-May-08 12:35:36

Message withdrawn

Lizzylou Sat 10-May-08 12:36:32

Jura, I did this at least three times whilst at school/Uni, my friends and I used to pierce each others ears all the time. No harm done, nothing ever went septic.
Not a great thing to do, but fairly normal.
Has she bathed her ears in antiseptic, they can really sting afterwards!
Mine all closed up ages ago, haven't worn any more than one earring in each ear for at least 13 years.

RubyRioja Sat 10-May-08 12:36:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blandmum Sat 10-May-08 12:37:03

Ouch! That must have hurt

teenagers seem to become immortal overnight! they know that they are safe, that nothing can hurt them.....bad things only happen to other people and only adults are stupid enough to to realise that this is the truth!

The frontal cortex that determines the nature of cause and effect only fully matures in the early 20s. the limbic system, that 'does' memory and emotion matures first. Which explains why teenagers become over emotional and can remember that you let their 'brother do X 5 days earlier than so you love him more than me and I'm going to hate you forever' but at the same time can tag on, 'So lend me a fiver and take me to the cinema' and see no contradiction. smile

Sorry, but most of them become idiots for a while smile

intravenouscoffee Sat 10-May-08 12:39:48

Sounds very normal. My brother (usually very sensible) shaved all his hair off aged 15 and had to wander round looking like a complete thug for several weeks till it grew back. Had a friend who is now a very high paid lawyer who set fire to his friend's garage aged 13 cos they were seeing what happened when you lit an aerosol hmm. Think it's compulsory to do something very stupid as a teenager and the 'thought you wouldn't care' thing sounds like a get out to me. No idea what to do (my DD is only little so all this to come) but wouldn't be too worried. Everyone does something very stupid when they're young. Just keep an eye on it and take her to the GP if her ears look infected

noddyholder Sat 10-May-08 12:40:14

You have to admire her in some ways and in years to come you will look back and laugh.

theAfkaUrbanDryad Sat 10-May-08 12:45:05

i did this - much to my mother's horror - when i was 16 (i wasn't allowed my ears pierced until i was 15 and i think it was a backlash wink)

they were fine - i did my friend's ears too - ask her to take them out if you think it won't cause an almighty row (otherwise just leave it - anything for a quiet life eh?) and say "You can have them done again when you are <<insert appropriate age here>>"

FWIW - i love all my earrings! Have 6 in one ear and 5 in the other, and wear them all the time (again, much to my mother's horror, although i think she's resigned to them now!)

Will school be ok with it? I know some schools have a 1-piercing-in-each-ear-only policy.

flamingtoaster Sat 10-May-08 12:46:33

Oh dear - they all do strange things at that age. I'd give her a bottle of surgical spirit to use to keep them clean (this is what my DD was told to use when she had hers done professionally). It worked really well and she had no trouble at all with healing. Hopefully she went through exactly the same route as was done when she was 9 in which case she won't have a problem putting earrings in in the future. If you think she hasn't gone through straight it might be best to let them heal and have them re-done professionally, but that would mean even more trauma to her ear lobes. Good luck!

jura Sat 10-May-08 13:02:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suwoo Sat 10-May-08 13:03:29

I did this when I was 14, also sterilised with my lighter- classy wink. It was the only one of my (over the years) 8 piercings to not get infected!

theAfkaUrbanDryad Sat 10-May-08 13:13:05

tbh - i'd just ignore it. if she's taken them out then the desired effect has been reached. but it might be worth having a chat with her about how it could be dangerous - risk of infection etc, and maybe agree a time when if she still wants to get them done then you'll take her to a jewellers to have it done properly. maybe 15 or so?

Jazzicatz Sat 10-May-08 13:14:48

I pierced my nose when I was about 15 with a needle and a bag of frozen peas - I was fine and had the stud in my nose until I was about 26.

Wezzle Sat 10-May-08 13:22:18

SNAP Jazzicatz me too

Jazzicatz Sat 10-May-08 13:23:58

Not that I am condoning it you understand grin blush

lanismum Sat 10-May-08 13:39:53

I pierced loads of holes in my ears as a teenager, never had any problems with any of them, start to worry when she wants to tattoo herself...................

redadmiral Sat 10-May-08 13:43:58

Make sure she knows all the health risks of sharing needles just in case. Hep C is hard to catch unless you get contaminated blood into your bloodstream, and then it's very easy to pass on I believe.

Chequers Sat 10-May-08 13:46:19

Message withdrawn

StopSpyingYouFreak Sat 10-May-08 13:48:07

Why are you disappointed, she's 13, how sensible do you expect her to be? 19 years olds do this and worse, you can't expect adult maturity from a little girl.

Leenie Fri 16-May-08 00:16:04

my 14 yr old gave herself a 'madonna piercing' ( above top lip ), using a sewing needle in her bedroom, me and dh were horified as it was so impulsive, she hadn't even told us she wanted one, her top lip swelled up like Homer simpson, she was so embarrassed, she never done anything like that again thank god, i made sure she used surgical spirits for a few days to clean it and all was well, thhey are too brave sometimes arent they, smile

bluesquare Wed 04-Jun-08 13:48:09

My friend pierced my other friends tragus in the middle of the school field, with an apple a lighter and a needle.
It never got infected either. So I think at home with a needle and a flame is going to be okay.

belgo Wed 04-Jun-08 13:50:33

jura - this is normal. And I did the same thing at age 13 - got a second set of holes without my parents' permission. I could never have done it myself though! I went to a shop to have them done. My parents were furious.

That was probably the most rebellious act I have ever carried out in my whole life.

frogs Wed 04-Jun-08 13:55:36

Ouch, sympathies, jura!

I'd be furious if dd1 (also 13) did this -- I don't think she would, but she has done some really really dozy things over the past 6 months, so I know where you're coming from. I also have two holes in one ear, and I know dd1 likes the idea, but her school are very fierce about earrings (one only in the lobe of each ear, plain gold only, must not exceed blahdiblah mm in diameter, yadda yadda).

Do her school not have rules about piercings? I think taking her laptop away for the weekend is perfectly reasonable -- it's not the rebellion you're punishing, it's the downright stupidity. If she wanted an extra hole that badly, she should have come and discussed it with you. Mind you, my dd1 would be very envy that yours has her own laptop in the first place. But I think I'd be after a comparable punishment -- ie. you've done something really immature, so I'm going to restrict your freedom by grounding you for the weekend, or denying computer or TV access.

Bleah. Teenagers.

aFishfinger Wed 04-Jun-08 13:59:08

I did this at 11

I was allowed them done at 9 and then I wanted two so I simply pushed a stud through.

My mum went absolutely beserk and made me close them up and some other punishment, can't remember what.

I was otherwise a very sensible girl and I didn't do it again (in a proper shop) till I was 16.

I wouldn't write her off as dysfunctional just yet.

dashboardconfessionals Wed 11-Jun-08 12:06:38

Message withdrawn

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