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paid work for 13 year old, any ideas?

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vodkacoke Wed 09-Apr-08 11:38:09

My dd had a job at a cattery, just a few hours a week, but they don't need her anymore.
She does not want to do a paper round, has anyone any ideas/ experience of what other types of work she can do apart from baby sitting???
Help she needs a job, as her hobby is shopping hmm

Freckle Wed 09-Apr-08 11:55:58

There is a limit as to what a 13yo can do legally for payment. Normally limited to paperrounds and light work such as working in a cattery. Are there any kennels near you that might like help from a kennelmaid?

What about advertising a dog-walking service? Assuming she likes dogs. Or she could offer to look after cats whilst the owners are on holiday?

poshwellies Wed 09-Apr-08 18:54:55

What about stable work?

Freckle Wed 09-Apr-08 19:01:30

I don't think she'd be paid for stable work. There are so many young girls who would give their right arm to work in stables, that they are willing to do it for nothing. So why would they pay anyone?

soph28 Wed 09-Apr-08 19:05:21

When I was 13 I was employed by the milkman to go round and collect people's milk money a couple times a week. Don't know if you can still do that but it was quite a good job.

nell12 Wed 09-Apr-08 19:07:11

Pet sitting (my ds earns a mint)

He pops round twice a day to feed and groom cats, feeds fish, feeds and cleans out guinea pigs etc

Her cattery experience will help her get lots of customers.

vodkacoke Thu 10-Apr-08 10:22:54

Thanks guys. The pet sitting is an excellent idea, she does this for some friends of ours already, they could write her a reference, she already has one from the cattery.
How much is reasonable for her to charge? Cattery charges are around £6 per day.
Thanks again

nell12 Fri 11-Apr-08 22:21:06

DS does not set charges, but he generally gets paid well, he is looking after a neighbours cat and goldfish for a fortnight at the mo and has been paid £20 which I think is incredibly generous, but there you go smile

vodkacoke Sun 13-Apr-08 18:08:37

Thanks for that, dd has spent all weekend printing and delivering posters, she has done around 150, so fingers crossed. Well done to your ds, it is great for them when they earn their own money.

daughterofthem Sat 21-Jun-08 20:44:43

ask for a saturday job at a local hairdressers or florist
you work a few hours every saturday and can earn up to £25 a day !

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